Changing of the Guard

Fox News has announced that the contract for Sarah Palin as a “contributor” to their dendrites will not be renewed. Along with the dismissal of Carl Rove this might represent a changing of the guard at the extremist cable network. Oh, there’s plenty of sub-cortical nuts and blonde-haired bobble-heads left to assure a continuing reign of fear-mongering and misinformation, but the release of two of the G.O.P. standard bearers might indicate less of a change in the networks philosophy than one in the G.O.P.

 Rove may have been released because he poured a lot of the Kool-Aide about Obama losing big – or at least wasted too much of the money of the real corporate sponsors of the G.O.P. to be overlooked. However, Sarah “Barracuda” Palin represents a more nuanced firing. Always well known for her flamboyant, if not vacuous, commentary, she was a spokesperson for the Republican base: a Cougar whose appeal to old, angry white men was more than enough to forgive her many mistakes and misstatements. I suppose she should be sent off with a grudging admiration for stretching her 15 minutes of fame to a half hour and a hearty goodbye.

So with the image of the G.O.P. clearly in transition from the image of old, angry white guys (watch out Hannity and O-Reilly), who will be the next “bella figura” on the Fox Network? My money is on a token Hispanic woman or two, and possibly a young gay male to compliment Ryan and Rubio as the new face of the G.O.P.

Like that will really help. 

4 Responses to Changing of the Guard

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Is that compliment or complement?

    I suppose it works either way …

  2. Linda Koch says:

    Are you still running for mayor of Det., Geoff? I think you should run for governor again!
    Remember your radio show on the old WXYT in ’94? I listened everyday, and called in several times . . I loved that show!
    I met you at the OC courthouse during the Nathanial Abraham case.

  3. Jim says:

    The GOP will try anything to con voters.

  4. Rex says:

    I have not been on here in a few months, and as such had some catch up reading to do. Having done so I am left with the following thoughts….

    I imagine politicians were probably pretty screwed up in the head well before they ever took office.

    We are only as good as we are needed at the moment.

    Oh my Mr. Fieger… How we all like to think we are important!

    Who was it that said “An honest Attorney dies poor!” LoL… Soooooooooo Cliché!

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