Rand Paul

Leave it to the Obama Administration to make a man like Rand Paul into a hero. Senator Paul’s filibuster to force the Obama Administration to declare that American citizens will not be assassinated while sitting in their living room in the U.S. was a remarkable, if not embarrassing, moment in our history. Senator Paul, known for his father and profoundly ignorant comments, chose to personally put himself on the line in an old fashion filibuster, standing for 13 hours without even a restroom break… to do the right thing. A man who is rightly reviled by many (even many Republicans) as the poster boy for the anti-science, know-nothing Tea Party beliefs, chose to do the right, even heroic thing (and God, how it pains me to admit this) by challenging the attempt of the Obama Administration to nullify the due process provisions of the Constitution. Is there any doubt that without Sen. Paul’s one man stand the unwritten policy of the United States would have been that drone attacks on citizens in the United States without any trial would be permissible? Where were Senators Stabenow and Levin? Still supporting the “War on Terror” at any costs, including our liberties? Is this Bizzaro World?

No, just Washington D.C., and a government that has lost its way, along with a moral compass.

3 Responses to Rand Paul

  1. Frank Cusumano says:

    I agree that this needed to be done. In fact it was done by RON PAUL throughout the GOP primary campaign. However, with all due respect, where was Fieger during that campaign? Was he agreeing with RP? Did I see Fieger at Little Rock Baptist Church in February 2012 when RP addressed the congregation – (admittedly mostly white from the suburbs)? The only way our civil liberties are going to be maintained and restored, where unconstitutionally taken, is by standing up and speaking out. Instead, it is the Party, right or wrong, always the party. OBAMA is just as WRONG as BUSH for continuing this unabashed militarism. Here is a quiz: Which political party did George Washington belong? NONE. Washington knew, as now, that party loyalty and ambition would trump loyalty to the Republic and the Constitution. The Constitution FIRST, elimination of all public corruption SECOND. That is how the DEMS with Republicans got rid of Boss Tweed, and something BOTH rank and file party members can agree upon.

  2. Rex A Umney says:

    Amen brother!

  3. Rex A Umney says:

    And might I add the following,

    NEW LAWS FOR 2013

    (1) All Politicians should submit to regular and random drug and alcohol screenings.

    (2) All Politicians should be forced to work for minimum wage because such a job is considered a “public service”

    (3) All Politicians should be forced to undergo a full background check, all the way back to elementary school

    (3a) The results of law #1 and #3 should be included with their names as they appear on any ballot where the public is forced to make a choice on who to elect.

    (4) All Politicians should be restricted to strict term limits regardless of popularity.

    (5) All court prosecutors should be held to the letter of the law, this means scrapping immunity for prosecutors.

    (6) All Politicians should be required to carry the same insurance they impose on the public with absolutly no exceptions.

    I really feel that if these 7 things were adopted things would begin to change immediately for the better.

    Anyone else agree?

    Might I add that in the interest of vetting these new laws (to ensure they work) they should first be implemented in New York City. I feel such a large city would give America as a whole the best possible example for which to make a decision.

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