The Real GOP in Michigan

While some GOP leaders are at least mouthing the intent to moderate their rhetoric and policies to be more inclusive, Republicans in Lansing make no such pretence. In the last few weeks the extremists in Lansing have passed along bills to nullify elections in Detroit (the Emergency Manager), nullify the popular vote in national elections (by changing the rules on how votes are counted) and limited the rights of women to take birth control pills (by allowing any insurance to refuse to pay for birth control pills, and any physician and medical institution to refuse to prescribe them, even in emergency situations). This all comes hot on the heels of making Michigan a right to (not) work State, and in anticipation of even more radical laws limiting our liberties.

So how did a traditional Blue State come to have such an extremist Legislature and Governor (albeit Snyder is a recent convert to insanity). The process in Michigan is a template for a hostile takeover of State legislatures by a few billionaires, including the Koch brothers. These would-be oligarchs are allying themselves with local ideologue millionaires (such as the DeVos family in Michigan), who in turn fund alliances between various right wing special interest groups to turn out the vote in local elections. Thus the Tea baggers become allied with the right to life and allied with anti-immigration groups to elect local representatives. Each group, focused on their own single issue is tied together with a well funded candidate taking radical and even contradictory positions. All it takes is for a designated candidate to spend a little face time with small groups and avoid media scrutiny of their real agenda. Never mind that the real agenda of the Kochs and DeVos is to turn Michigan into a third world economy benefitting the 1%.

The only remedy is a grass roots movement of democratic oriented people who are just as motivated to use their vote… at least while they still have it.   

2 Responses to The Real GOP in Michigan

  1. I respectfully disagree. The GOP was held together by so-called “social conservative” issues, abortion and other issues provided the foot soldiers and the corporations provided the funding for the mega media campaigns. That coalition is unraveling as issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and racial division are no longer cleaving issues.

    In fact, the demographic of 18-25 years which consider themselves “conservative” (an amorphous label just like “liberal”) doesn’t care about abortion, or gay marriage. So the social issues no longer are going to blind them into accepting economic peonage and less freedom and liberty. Yes, LIBERTY, the freedom to choose without big brother intercepting all our verbal and written communications or flying a drone with a missile strapped to it over our heads. The freedoms that our country was based upon is not GOP or DEM, conservative or liberal.

    Is it “conservative” for the Federal Reserve to create fiat currency, and lend it to the banks at 0%, and then have those same banks buy US Treasury notes yielding 3%? Isn’t that “redistribution of wealth” or is that only bad and evil when it is to give food to poor children? Well, people aren’t buying what the government-corporate media is selling, especially in Michigan.

    We must follow our Constitution to protect our civil liberties. If the President of the United States lies under oath, he should be prosecuted, whether it is Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton. If Paula Jones was Fieger’s client, do you think he would have taken it lying down for the “good of the Party,” After following this blob for several years, I don’t think so. Every person is entitled to their day in Court and their grievances settled under our system, by a jury of their peers. Paula Jones was no different. Yes, there are parts of the US and Michigan Constitutions that says you are entitled to a jury trial in civil cases.


  2. Rex A Umney says:

    Frank we both know the legal way around a Jury Trial in a civil case usually consist of (1) crooked judge (2) crooked lawyer and (3) a summery disposition hearing.

    You pretty much know what that means… No trial, no jury and being forced to pay the disputed amount before you could ever dream of an appeal hearing.

    That’s just the wonderful system we have, unless of course you happen to be getting criminally charged, which of course entitles you to the right of a Jury trial, unless of course it’s a civil infraction, in which case you can get some butcher of the law (they call them magistrates) who’s primary job is to half whatever is being sought or fought and tell everyone to have a nice day.

    Now if you want to have a commission hear a case you get an administrative law judge, who is just some guy that gets to feel like a judge for a day and does not really give a crap. You can also count on getting nothing from the commission but at least all the people there (besides you) are getting paid by tax payers. So you get to feel important on the ride home…. Right?

    Nope, my faith in the Judicial System is way past broken… It’s non-existent. I can’t say that I blame people like Fieger and the attorneys who would otherwise lose their license or at the least face, you know, something equal to an illegal search and seizure as a slap on the wrist. A few of them and the attorneys will snap back in line and do as they are told, rather than what is right. It’s sad; but true.

    But it’s okay… THE REAL GOP / REPUBLICANS will go to their grave before they waiver to such tyranny. Why am I here again? Maybe I just want to feel important rubbing elbows with legends that might otherwise be washed up if it weren’t for the basic ignorance of the public when it comes to the law. If I see someone on TV they must be good! Right?

    But alas, it’s not how big the case, it’s the principal… Which I have a strict policy of enforcing only in criminal matters, otherwise you could spend your whole damn life at the court house jerking off. But it’s fun to wear a suit and tie, and its fun to fight for your rights… But I could not imagine ever doing it for someone else, probably because it would be illegal LOL.

    So why not go to school and get a law degree before I hit the big 40? Well it’s like this… Who in the hell would be proud of being in a profession where you can’t make any guarantee’s and the secret to your success depends on perception? I could not look a man in the face and take his money knowing damn well he might be 100% in the right, but somehow 2+2 does not equal 4. Only in the court room can 2+2=5 or 6 or even 1.. But still… I long to bring the people who have otherwise become corrupt to justice… Maybe I need a job as a prosecutor? This way I have immunity for my mistakes regardless if I send someone to death… But it would only be a matter of time before I too become corrupt… Oh it’s a vicious cycle I suppose…

    By the way… To people reading my stuff that don’t know me… I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY! NOTHING I HAVE SAID ABOVE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE OR LAW. EVERYTHING SAID ABOVE IS JUST MY OPINION AND NOT FACT… Although I might challenge you to prove otherwise.

    Just as good as some…. Better than most!

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