Michigan GOP: The Party for Bigots

There has been a lot of talk recently about the GOP need to change their “messaging”. The much touted “autopsy” conducted by Party leaders after the election concluded that their policy platform was not so much the problem as the way it was communicated. The theory was that the Party platform just had to be communicated more effectively: with language that was sensitive and inclusive. After all, this was not the Party of old angry white men – it was a Party that wanted to include all Americans. So how has the communication been going since then?

In the space of a week or so, we had Republican Congressman Don Young discussing the issue of immigration and relations with Hispanic-Americans in as sensitive a manner as he could muster using the term “wetbacks”. When Party leaders denounced his use of the racial slur (Sen. Rubio was notably silent), Congressman Young refused to apologize, but did offer the sensitive explanation that the racial slur used to be acceptable when he was younger. Many of the old angry white men in the Party agreed.

Michigan Republicans further cemented their reputation as being a safe harbor for bigots later the same week when one of their own, Congressman Agema, used his official Facebook page to sensitively communicate a hateful diatribe against gays, including such notable lies as attributing nearly half of all murders being attributable to gays. After all, Agema argued, it was not a position inconsistent with their Party Platform (he is a member of their Platform Committee).While some national leaders in the GOP denounced the bigoted actions of Agema, they have not removed him from his Committee position. Michigan Republicans for the most part have been supportive of Agema. For example, the Party Chairman has refused to call for an apology or resignation, saying it was all up to Agema and his family. Agema remains the most tangible sign that the GOP remains the party most inclusive… of all bigots.

This “communication” thing they have may need some fine tuning.

One Response to Michigan GOP: The Party for Bigots

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    Mr. Fieger there are only two things in this world that I can’t stand, people who are intolerant of others peoples political views and the Democrats.

    No but seriously… I can’t stand them! LOL

    You know, the term “Wetback” was coined when folks from the South would cross the Rio and come out with wet backs, they were easy to spot. Would you care to guess from what ethnic background these folks were? I think in this case, given the fact Mr. Young is from Alaska, the comment might have seemed somewhat off base but that does not change the fact that in 1954 the US Government code named one of its projects “operation wetback” which was basically a mass deportation of illegal Mexican immigrants. I might also add that in 1954 Dwight D Eisenhower was President… Care to guess what party he belonged to? Oh that’s right, you just wrote a blog about ole’ DDE. Never mind.

    Truth be known… I think everyone is about tired of walking on egg shells with regards to the double standard that exist when it comes to the Democratic mindset. The Democrat mascot is a jackass, which could not be more fitting. But I suppose making mention of this would imply that I am one of them “grumpy old white men” or in some circles Cracker, Casper, or my personal favorite Honky. Am I going to carry on like a jackass? No… I’d just like to mention though that when calling a group of people “Grumpy old white men” you might want to look in the mirror, as I am most positive I am many, many years younger than you not to mention the fact that Oscar the grouch hasn’t got nothing on the Fieger law team.

    But I digress, having only wished I had the time to respond to this sooner… But some of us have to work right?

    At what point and time will it become illegal to even speak of history for fear of persecution from some faction or group, minority or otherwise? I think the communication is just fine… At a little over 300 million people and an ever growing debt it’s quite clear America has to do something about immigration lest we end up like China or India with over 1 billion people!

    There is such a thing as an invasive species. One only look no further than the Agrilus planipennis (emerald ash borer) that ate all the Ash tree’s here in Michigan, but I am sure illegal immigrants are only here to help our nation, rather than to suck the life out of it right Mr. Fieger? I am sure they are here to pay their taxes, spend the money in their communities rather than send it home to another country, and be model citizens who might otherwise go un-noticed…. er…. I mean not bother the police.

    Then again, perhaps Mr. Young was just looking to get 1000 free Tacos sent to his office for lunch? It’s happened before! http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/27/activists-send-500-tacos-to-connecticut-mayor-after-controversial-remark/

    What does the GOP’s lack of a sugar coating have to do with the facts at hand? Do you think Gringo get’s any special treatment deep in the South of Mexico?

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