If we needed any reminder about how fragile life is and vulnerable we are, the bombing in Boston reminds us. It reminds us that the only refuge we have is the love of our family and friends, and that we should express that love whenever (and while) we can. Boston also reminded me of other things.

It reminded me that the most important or compelling aspect of a terrorist attack like this is not the cowardice of the bombers. It is the heroism of those who respond to acts of terror. It would be understandable for people to flee – to run away as fast as possible. Yet, in Boston people ran TOWARD the victims. Ordinary people as well as first responders ignore the alleged “terror” of another bomb to help victims of the first bombs.

Another reminder is how destructive and despicable cable news media coverage of these events can be. Within minutes of the bombing cable news began reporting the bombing with a tag line and somber musical themes. I watched MSNBC coverage for one half hour and saw video coverage of the bombs exploding 42 times! It was not much different on other media outlets. I am shocked no one has called it the Boston Massacre yet…

Maybe they think seeing unending footage of explosions and blood stained sidewalks will somehow lessen the fear, but I doubt it. The media exploits fear and terror. It’s good for ratings – destructive for a free society, but good for ratings (profits). Now we can continue to be bombarded by endless hours of pundits being asked questions about what MIGHT have happened, or who MIGHT be responsible. The boogey man will be around every corner until (and if) the investigation bears fruit.

Frankly, the media coverage and the reactions of right wing politicians is what worries more than the bombings. 


2 Responses to Boston

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    Frankly, your politicizing this issue makes me rather sick. WTF are the words Republican / Democrat even included in this write up for?

    We might as well go all out in the tacky department.

    Hell we might as well insult the Connecticut shooting victims as well,

    Hey Mr. Fieger, your Buddy Rahm is on line 2!

  2. Neda says:

    Mr. Fieger… you ARE absolutely right! I cannot begin to express how REFRESHING it is to FINALLY have a DISTINGUISHED INTELLECTUAL criticize the circus of a trial by media we are witnessing….

    Just wondering…. Would you defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev if he could afford you?

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