Masters of War (Part 4)

Senate Republicans are clamoring to get us involved in the war, this one in Syria. They claim to be morally outraged at the carnage, and they are criticizing President Obama for not acting to save lives. It is as typical an act of hypocrisy that Republicans are so expert at, but one of the more dangerous ones.

They are all denying (so far) that they don’t want any “boots on the ground”, but that is just a matter of semantics. For example, they want a “no fly zone”, but what happens if a pilot is shot down? However, most Senators simply want to arm insurgents that are not radical Islamists. That’s really where the issue is: they just want to lobby for the arms industry – another multi-billion dollar arms sale for their masters.  To really appreciate the hypocrisy of these Republicans consider the fact that we would need to have “boots on the ground” to run background checks on who can get our weapons when the same Republicans refuse to allow background checks to save American lives.

Not only has their mission to sell weapons for their corporate masters remained the same, so have their tactics, namely – fear of a terrorist takeover of weapons of mass destruction. Republicans claim chemical weapons have been used and are falling into the hands of terrorists to be used against us. Sound familiar? Maybe that is why our allies in NATO are demanding clear evidence before they jump into more American war mongering.  

3 Responses to Masters of War (Part 4)

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    Sounds familiar to me… Sounds a lot like Libya… But of course, it wasn’t American war mongering then, NO… Hell I don’t ever think the Libya war got congressional approval, so it wasn’t really a war was it?

    To be honest, we don’t need any more war. I have to give props to Obama for his ability to avoid such situations that require “boots on the ground”. Since he did authorize kicking in the back door with Pakistan, it’s hard to say Obama is “soft” or lacks the “balls” because Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Then we have Benghazi, getting worse by the day. There is a tipping point but Obama seems to skillfully counterbalance. I am not a big Obama fan, but I give credit where it’s due regardless… Unlike some groups of people I know *cough* democrat *cough*

    I am sure, as usual; you are over-reacting. Who’s the grumpy old white man again? Is there a Masters of war Parts 1-3? Because I have only been subjected to this torture for little over a year now, LOL, so I haven’t really waded into the deeper parts of the pool.

    It used to be said… Things like Voo-Doo Economics, guerrilla warfare, or “Trickle-Down Economics”… You don’t hear these phrases anymore.. Yet one thing stays the same.. $$$ But now instead of it trickling down…. It’s time to “Pour it up”

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  3. cp says:

    hello, I agree with Fieger…. thank you for all the input….war sucks…can’t we just eliminate the leader?? genocide should not be tolerated….to ignore it seems we might just be delaying the inevitable as if to reserve that war for the next generation … …….Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an
    ethnic, racial, Caste, religious, or national group”…Wrong IS Wrong…it’s no different than witnessing a bully beat the pulp out of someone and just walkin’ on by…I add this…Remember how Obama was able to conceal UN/USA movement to eliminate bin laden.???we did not know it was happening until it was done, well Mr. Fieger might have know, ?lol? ? But like the board game Risk, the ability to remain surreptitious is the key to victory…..SSSHHHH….and allies help too…Peace to U all and yours…I like your site…..BB , Christi

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