The Monsanto Protection Act

The State of Michigan has a Supreme Court which is owned by corporations, if measured by their record of decisions on business related cases. As attorneys already know, and hundreds of victims are discovering every year, it is virtually impossible in Michigan to sue a corporation about a defective product that has harmed them. That is no exaggeration: if you are harmed by a defective product in Michigan, you cannot sue the manufacturer. It’s unjust, it’s immoral, but that is law as interpreted by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Yet, even by Michigan standards the breadth and scope of the Monsanto Protection Act (otherwise known as the “Farmer Assurance Provision”) is scary-corrupt. Passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama, it allows the Monsanto Corporation to ignore any consumer and environmental laws that currently exist regulating the sale of genetically modified crops, AND immunizes them from any lawsuit from anyone harmed by their products. This bill was snuck into a budget bill as an amendment with no public debate or disclosure, which shows you how much our government is owned by big business.

I hope that all of you will contact your Senator and Representative and let them know how you feel about this law. It may not make a difference to the outcome (unless you are a millionaire or billionaire), but at least it let’s them know we are watching. 

3 Responses to The Monsanto Protection Act

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    You act like you are surprised! We got the patriot act slipped into law thru a Medicare physician’s bill. No different than all the regulated monopolies we have here in Michigan who are overseen by commissions that would otherwise seek to limit any liability said monopoly had or make it difficult if not impossible to sue.

    It says something about our government that these things can get “slipped” into a bill as if to imply the people we elect to read them over didn’t notice them until after a vote. One might think these people may have been influenced to “look the other way”. I can see that.

    Some poor guy that got hurt by a product is going to be screwed and some law firm will get rich appealing a lower courts decision to the Supreme Court.

    Would this new law discourage most attorneys from taking product liability suits on contingency? If so it brings new meaning to the words “Buyer Beware”.

  2. M.J. Marshall says:

    Across Lake Huron in a small community of Saugeen Shores, Ontario, a small band of citizens are trying to take on the Nuclear Waste Management of Ontario. In a nut shell, they want to bury all of North American’s nuclear waste on the East edge of Lake Huron. This should be an international issue, but these companies try to get it passes by a few town councilors. Mr. Fieger, wanted you to know about this. It could posion the drinking water of the Great Lakes. Love your ads and thanks for all that you do. Check out the SOS website
    M.J. Marshall

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