My Home Town

Detroit gets a lot of bad publicity and has a reputation as the poster city of a post-industrial America. Some of it is deserved. A casual walk two blocks on either side of Woodward Ave downtown does look a lot like a Neill Blomkamp post-apocalyptic movie, with almost as many abandoned than occupied buildings and homeless people staggering around. However, it is also the hometown of a lot of very good people and in times like this week, there are few places in the world I would rather be.

The fruit trees are blooming, the sun is shining. The Tigers are in first place and the Red Wings almost made the finals. Outdoor restaurants are booming and women are wearing shorter skirts. Take some time before a ball game and sit near the fountain in Grand Circus Park or Belle isle and enjoy the sights of old men playing horse shoes, families barbecuing and people just generally enjoying the sunshine and life.

There are challenges in Detroit and maybe we will never recover the glory days of the 50’s. But with the Woodward Cruise looming and swimming in nice cold lakes just around the corner… this is the place to be.

2 Responses to My Home Town

  1. Lorena Vázquez says:

    It is good to love our home towns, more so if they are flawed. It means we feel we are part of the effort to reconstruct them and bring them back to life, through our efforts. The more decayed the towns and the greater the challenge, the bigger our love…

  2. Fact is that as the racism fades, and the economic model of cheap petroleum becomes a shameful historical artifact, Detroit will come back. That is because the next generation of college graduates will have no choice. Already, a home in Detroit costs less than to tap a sewer line in the suburbs. College graduate employees at Quicken Loan start at $25K per year and work on commission. Does anyone believe that these workers will be able to afford a home in the suburbs? Finally, Detroit will have to fix its schools. Otherwise, parents will move once they have children. But again, when gasoline tops $10 per gallon, they will have few choices.

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