Change That We Missed On

Change we can believe in. Remember that? I have been critical of President Obama since he picked his first cabinet (other than Hillary it was a rogue’s gallery of Goldman-Sachs alums), but always hopeful that he would come through for us. He has had his moments, and much of the lack of achievement could be attributed to Republicans intent of making him a failure at all costs. However, knowing that he was dealing with a Republican Party willing to harm the country rather than see him succeed, he should have adjusted his style. A consensus builder by disposition, he has never been able to become a leader. Consequently his legacy may be captured by his style of dithering. Against strong opposition he needed to be a strong leader, even if he didn’t accomplish much. One could argue that after the first two years of his first term, he didn’t accomplish much anyway. Maybe Obama-care will be more successful in transforming medical care than it’s shaping up to deliver, which would be a significant accomplishment. But frankly, his wholesale capitulation to Wall Street makes it more likely that corporate America will undermine the reforms.

Having been disappointed by the lost potential of Obama, dare we point to one woman who might make a difference in America? No, not Hillary. I’m talking about Senator Elizabeth Warren, who continues to amaze people with her outspoken criticism of Wall Street robber-barons. Add to her impressive resume an absolutely spot-on analysis of how the judicial system has become a de facto tool of the Chamber of Commerce. Forget about Obama, Hillary or Mr. Smith going to Washington, Sen. Warren is the real deal. 

2 Responses to Change That We Missed On

  1. Boss Tweed in NYC was brought down by reformers. History shall repeat itself.

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    Okay.. I’ll bite..

    Who is Elizabeth Warren? And dare I ask who “Boss Tweed” was/is?

    See, there is no name recognition there! Now, throw out a name like Fieger and people might say… “Hey I heard of that guy”! (hint)

    Obama on the other hand.. That guy was a no-body before the Democratic handlers propped his empty suit up for the nation to fall in love with. He had the House and the Senate for two whole years before America took the purse away! I would wonder at what point he will realize that the American people can still vote in the next Primary’s and I sure would not want to be Obama or a Democrat if the Republicans were to get a majority in the Senate too. I think the Democratic Senate was the only thing to save Clinton from impeachment and that was for much less, although I don’t think highly of cheaters.

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