Do Something

The City of Detroit may seem to be on the ropes, but in fact something very good may be happening. Across the City there has been an explosion of participation in volunteer events designed to improve the quality of life for other people. Neighbors are mowing the grass and cleaning up neighborhood playgrounds long abandoned by the City. Habitat for Humanity is increasing its efforts to provide housing for the homeless. Maybe it’s a sign of Summer or maybe it’s a sign that we are awakening a sense of community spirit. One thing is sure: the significant influx of young people to Midtown and the Entertainment districts has infused an energy not seen for a long time in the center of the City.

As individuals you can improve the quality of your life by serving someone else or your community. Organize a few neighbors to help clean up a neglected property. Why not encourage your boss to participate in a Habitat project or something similar? Something  good always results in helping others and as we are seeing in Detroit, it is a contagious effort. So the next time your are chatting at the proverbial water-cooler or sitting on your front porch suggest an activity and… just do something.

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  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    Ain’t you heard Mr. Fieger?

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