The Immorality of the Right

The Michigan Senate went on vacation before resolving the issue of expanding Medicare and establishing insurance pools in preparation for the implementation of Obama-care. It was an act of injustice and cowardice as much as one of irresponsibility. Even Gov. Snyder felt compelled to cal his own Party out for leaving the State in a position to lose potentially hundreds of millions of dollars, but the real story is not so much one of political insanity (even thought the State Senators know what is right to do, they fear the wrath of corporate-funded extremists like Tea Baggers and the Chamber of Commerce), as it is one of the lack of moral courage. Across the Country, in States like Louisiana and in Washington DC, the right wing has actively sought to deny funding for basic and essential human services for the poorest citizens while at the same time enabling their corporate masters to increase profits.

Denying the changes required in Medicare to implement Obama-care has an immediate effect of denying medical services to citizens who need it most, but can afford it least. It is a political act that ultimately will cost the citizens of the State millions, but even more importantly will cause suffering and deaths among the poor. It is cruel and immoral – an act as “un-Christian” as one could imagine. However, it is totally consistent with the overall attitude of the Right. To Conservatives, the lives of the poor, the homeless and the persecuted are not exactly irrelevant – they actually go out of their way to cause suffering among the vulnerable. Take as an example on a national scale, the failure of the House GOP to pass the latest Farm Bill. This trillion dollar bill was derailed because tea baggers wanted to eliminate food assistance to the poor, especially children in poverty. I suppose a silver lining of sorts is the fact that enough Republicans had a conscience left (or who were from agricultural States) to join Democrats to vote against it.    

This is something I have never been able to understand – how Right Wing Conservatives tout themselves as “Christian” when in fact their politics is directly contrary to Scriptures. It’s positively… diabolical!

2 Responses to The Immorality of the Right

  1. The Bible is a really nasty piece of work that advocates things like slavery and stoning adulterers to death. Before anybody jumps in and says, “That was Old Testament,” bear in mind that the Ten Commandments are in the OT as well. You can’t cherry pick if you honestly and sincerely believe that the Bible is the word of the Lord Your God. Therefore, there is no reason to think that the Bible is a book that advocates good morality. Whatever morality you claim you’re getting from it is morality you have already. Something innate (which can be explained through evolutionary psychology) is telling you to adhere to “love thy neighbor” but not the “stone the adulterers to death” bit.

    And speaking of theocracies, there is an amazing book that I’m almost finished called Christian Nation by Frederic C. Rich. Written in the form of a memoir in a world in which McCain became president, died, and Sarah Palin became president. A terrorist attack that dwarfs 9/11 happens and paves the way for a totalitarian theocracy. Words can’t do it justice. Everybody, just read the damned thing!

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    This is just pathetic!

    Mixing politics with religion now? That’s a lot like chasing the dragon isn’t it?


    Charging someone a fine for not buying a product or service? That does not sound like the America that I know!

    Since were talking religion may I remind everyone that “The Lord helps those who help themselves!”.

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