Zimmerman Verdict

Many people were surprised by the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, especially those who followed the evidence closely. Some pundits are blaming the Law as it is written for this miscarriage of justice. The jury seemed to have followed the law and did what they felt was right. But we all know the real reason for this injustice: an unjust society still influenced by racial animus. Trayvon had every right to defend himself from a man who had been following him and then got out of his truck to confront him, but in this society black men have to prove they are innocent in any confrontation. No one who is honest could say that if it had been Trayvon who followed Zimmerman, got out of his SUV with a loaded gun to confront Zimmerman and eventually shot him dead would be acquitted.

The verdict is also no surprise for many women either.  The Zimmerman defense was nothing more than the typical rape defense used forever to help rapists escape punishment: the victim asked for it. The defense exploited the reflexive suspicion against black men. The jury rewarded the defense: Trayvon walking in a white neighborhood and forced to defend himself asked for it.

So where do we go from here?  As a father with two Bi-Racial children I know the despair that many parents are feeling today – despair and fear. Parents of black children have always been forced to train their children on how to avoid being targeted in public (e.g. never run from the police, never put your hands in your pockets when stopped by police, etc.) but this verdict  in Florida and this case in particular means that it is virtually open season on their children.

God help us. 

9 Responses to Zimmerman Verdict

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    Just when I thought you could not sink any lower…

    Only bi-racial kids can’t run from the cops? Last time I got pulled over I was almost drawn on for reaching for my glove box to get documentation.

    Fan the flames some more Fieger! I have come to the conclusion that you may be a trouble maker.

    If I may ask Mr. Fieger, why didn’t you make any kids of your own? Why did you choose to adopt? I am just curious is all. It’s a very noble thing to adopt and I am not faulting you on it, I just am curious. No response necessary if you don’t want to share your personal thoughts in here, although it sure seems like you have already opened Pandora’s Box.

  2. Why is it relevant whether or not any of Mr. Fieger’s kids are adopted?

    When I was in college in NYC about ten years ago, I walked off campus where a cop car was sitting. Just to mess with them, I made a motion with my hand like I was smoking a joint (I’m actually as straightedge as they get and have never even tried a cigarette, let alone a joint). The cops looked at me and laughed. I told someone else about it, and they said, “Do you think a black person joking like that would have gotten away with it?” It made me stop to think. Could they have gotten away with it? Ultimately it depends on the individual cops. But I think a black person would be LESS LIKELY to get away with joking like that.

    And finally, it’s important to bear in mind that a lot of racial bias is unconscious, and that is the scary part. I don’t think Fieger is suggesting– correct me if I’m wrong– that most people are sitting there saying, “Boy, I hate black people! Let’s put them in jail!” Some people are, but I suspect they’re the minority. It is the unconscious bias we have to watch out for.

  3. Rex A. Umney says:

    Julie, yes it is relevant! Did you even read his posting?

    Mr. Fieger is a big boy, I am sure he does not need you to answer his questions for him.

    You obviously have too much time on your hands if you sit around all day pondering hypothetical scenarios all day. The cops probably laughed at you because you looked like a fool. No surprise there!

    Like I said before, and I think I speak for pretty much everyone else in the world – “Skin color does not matter, it’s what you do or don’t do that matters”.

  4. Yes, I read his posting and I don’t see how it is relevant whether or not his kids are adopted.

    Yes, I sit around answering questions for a GODDAMNED LAWYER. You seriously think I’m sitting here trying to defend him? If so, then you completely miss the point.

    I sit around pondering hypothetical scenarios all day? Well, hey, at least I think. That’s more than I can say for a lot of society.

    Whether or not the cops laughed AT me vs. WITH me is not the point. You only posted that so you could reduce your argument to an ad hominem attack.

    And lastly, your are phenomenally naive if you think people don’t have unconscious biases. Read books about evolutionary psychology, like the ones I suggested, to understand why.

  5. Daniel says:

    Come on. There was not near enough evidence to convict Zimmerman. After listening to the entire trial, if I had been on the jury, I wouldn’t have found him guilty of anything either. There was not enough evidence. For what it’s worth, if Martin had got the best of Zimmerman, I wouldn’t have convicted Martin on the basis of what I heard at the trial (it’s a fact of life that sometimes we will never know the whole truth). I demand proof beyond a reasonable doubt, no matter the color of skin, religion, or nationality, or any other reason related to other than the facts (that’s why I can’t get on criminal juries because prosecutors don’t like people who take their oath seriously to hold the government to its proof). If we start convicting people without sufficient evidence, then no one is safe from a false conviction–there are already too many false convictions. Blacks are already the victim of jurors who convict on a lesser standard of proof. I’d hate to make it easier to convict, partly because blacks would be disproportionately convicted and more harshly sentenced.

    I do agree that jurors need to recognize when they are biased, so they don’t convict based on the color of skin. It’s not only blacks who are victims of jurors who won’t hold the government to its standard of proof. It’s just much worse with blacks, in my opinion.

  6. Rex A. Umney says:

    Unconscious bias!? What kind of BS is that!?

    You Democrats all need to wake the hell up! Are you now advocating that people be prosecuted or accused of hate crimes / racism that doesn’t even exist, (such as in the Zimmerman case) because you lack any grounds or standing in your arguments!?

    Amazing! But it’s not going to happen so long as your assholes face down! I think anyone who makes such an argument should be immediately confined to a mental institution for what I would consider to be unconscious mental retardation.

    I would have to say the Democrat party contains 99.9% of the world’s bigots. PERIOD

  7. Yes, unconscious bias is REAL and has been confirmed through a number of scientific studies. EVERYBODY has it, yes, myself included, and in addition to urging other people to think about what unconscious biases they might have, I stop to think about how I might be affected. And it’s not always against minorities– I’m sure minorities can have unconscious biases against white people as well as each other. This has nothing to do with political affiliation but scientific studies!

  8. Rex A. Umney says:

    Science is a great thing but what you suggest in terms of unconscious bias is outright ludicrous. Unconscious bias is nothing but pure speculation and should have no place in a conscious society. What is the worse part? People like yourself who would pervert such a study and manipulate such a finding in an effort to support your God awful opinions, be it Trayvon Martin or anyone/anything else. It’s just another Democrat cop-out if you ask me, a way to force on others your ignorance.

    I suggest you find God Julie. Science has come a long way and we have many things to thank for science but the bottom line is science does NOT have all the answers and there are still a great many things that continues to baffle science.

    Again, have an outstanding day!

  9. I don’t know if my posting went through so forgive me if this is a duplicate:

    Science tells us truths we don’t want to hear, and it seems that the tons of scientific studies in the form of brain imaging scans that have confirmed unconscious bias are too inconvenient for you to accept. It is a very unpleasant truth that I have to accept anyway. Of course, I’m sure if science supported your religion you would be the first to claim that science backs up your beliefs.

    Finally, which god do you suggest I find? Zeus? Thor? Apollo? Yahweh? Allah? Please clarify that for me.

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