Questions with Answers

Why are government representatives and representatives of the government (i.e. the media) calling for contractor Edward Snowden to be arrested and charged with treason for revealing State secrets that has not been proven to be harmful to the Country; when men in the government lied about the program under oath; or when Dick Cheney revealed the identity of a secret CIA operative (which are both crime)? Because we live in an age when the government can lie and attack citizens, not vice versa. Sad, but true is the fact that exposing government abuses of citizens is now considered a crime, if not treason, and ordinary citizens and soldiers who become whistle-blowers are punished while wrongdoers go free.

What are two things you don’t want to hear if you are on trial for second degree murder? “The defendant is guilty as charged” and “knock, knock – who’s there?” There is always room for creativity in the courtroom, but much less room than there is for common sense. If you have to begin a joke with a disclaimer, then it’s not a good idea to begin with. The question now is not what is the joke, but who is the joke?

The Voting Rights Act changed the American electorate by enabling minorities to exercise their rights to vote. Since Republican efforts to suppress the vote are no longer restricted to the former Confederacy, why not EXPAND the safeguards to include States (such as Michigan) who have attempted to pass voter suppression laws in the LAST election? Because our society is just as racist as it has ever been, and preserving government power for old white men is the job of young white Republicans. Within hours of the SCOTUS ruling, Texas already began implementing a voter suppression program ruled illegal under the ACT. Probably a record time for exposing the idiocy of their logic in overturning the Act. 

2 Responses to Questions with Answers

  1. The Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    You can be the boss and say what you are going to do; but only if you do what you said you were going to do. It trips up a lot of people I know… cough Obama cough Democrats cough…

    And again, it’s what you “DO” or don’t “DO” that matters. Not skin color!

    People need to understand that black people are not immune to such things as corruption either.

    At the end of the day, if I need/want something I don’t care what color you are… I just expect the best you got and nothing short!

    I’m as good as some; better than most!

    Americans are all about RESULTS and I feel sorry for any President including Obama if he thinks that the American-African community is going to go down with the titanic should he fail us, the citizens of AMERICA.

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