The Media Fails Again

I used to wonder how the media, the last safeguard we have for what is left of our democracy, failed us so badly in the lead up to the second war on Iraq. Even the New York Times, which I have considered the most important and independent newspaper in the country, blindly went along with the Bush/Cheney deliberate lies about weapons of mass destruction. I think I have the answer to my question – and a confirmation of my fears. The truth is that there is only a small vestige of independent journalism left in this Country.

Look at what is happening now to Edward Snowden and his revelations of unaccountable, illegal spying on Americans. I am becoming convinced that the media has become nothing more than a corporate funded extension of the Government, simply mouthing the Government’s propaganda. Fox News has always been a no-brainer, but when NBC commentator/(journalist?) Davis Gregory essentially tries to prosecute the journalist who reported the Snowden revelations, it becomes obvious that they are acting as nothing more than government mouthpieces. The people who (justifiably, I think) raged against Obama for spying on journalist who covered whistle-blowers, are now implying that the same journalists should be prosecuted for reporting the revelations.

Why is it that no one is talking about prosecuting government employees who lie under oath about illegal government activities (like the head of the NSA), but are calling for the arrest of whistle-blowers revealing those lies?  Dick Cheney was on the news calling Snowden a traitor for disclosing illegal spying on Americans, but has gotten a free pass for revealing a secret CIA agent (Valerie Plame). How was that not treason?

The media, as a whole, is a tool of the government. As frightening as it is to contemplate, the web may be the only independent source of news. It is revealing that journalists like Glenn Greenwald are being attacked not only by the government but also by media figures like Gregory.

Wake up.   

2 Responses to The Media Fails Again

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Close, but no cigar. The Government has become a taxpayer-funded extension of the Corporate Collossus.

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    Mr. Fieger you seem most interested in selective prosecution. Turning a blind eye to the bigger picture, and yet you talk about the media failing!

    Edward Snowden is a traitor and has promised Americans the moon in terms of “secret” information about our government spying on us. To date all he has offered up is some details as it pertains to Government monitoring internet and telephone communications… I got some breaking news for Mr. Snowden, most Americans already know this since the Patriot act, and it does not change the fact that for said evidence to be used in court would require a warrant signed by a judge. So what has Mr. Snowden offered US the AMERICAN public in terms of “devastating” or “new” information? NOTHING! What he has offered to all the other nations he has or is squatting in is how we monitor them! If my government is not snooping on other countries then they aren’t doing their job! All Snowden has done is seek publicity in Europe for betraying the United States in an effort to make it seem life over there is better. Well since Snowden now wants to stay in Russia I say that’s where he should stay, and God help him if he ever steps on US or US Friendly soil! The guy is a PUNK and has offered NOTHING to benefit the citizens of the US, but pretty much sold us out to Russia and China! That is the worst slime on earth! Even worse than Lawyers!

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