Motor City Blues

It was confusing to some people in the beginning. Detroit was a mess and the political leadership ineffective. Detroit City Council could justifiably be called incompetent, even corrupt. With the threat of white Republicans voiding elections and naming an Emergency Manager, the City Council even managed to screw up a State funded rescue of Belle Isle. We all know something had to be done, especially if we wanted to avoid bankruptcy, but voiding lawful elections and appointing an Emergency Manager seemed… well, un-American – or at least Republican. Little did we know that behind the scenes, Snyder and a small cabal of anti-democratic “pragmatists” were already plotting who would be the Emergency Manager and holding discussions with him on filing bankruptcy in any event.  They were even consulting “conspiring” with write-in white Republican candidate for mayor, Mike Duggan.

Kevin Orr and his law firm were named not to save Detroit as the Emergency Manager, he was there as a cover to do what Republicans had wanted to do all along: destroy unions and disenfranchise Detroit voters.  Orr never negotiated in good faith with unions and pensioners.   E-mails exchanged before he was the EM disclosed he discussed strategies for bankruptcy rather than saving pensions.  The answer seems obvious- the bankruptcy was not a last resort, it was preordained.    

It seems a done deal now, so what we have left is the need for strong DETROIT political leadership to rebuild Detroit in a direction that can strengthen the City… and defend the City from Republican carpetbaggers. 

One Response to Motor City Blues

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    The Motor City might be down but it’s not out.

    I especially enjoyed the “Republican Carpetbagger” analogy but only one person fits that category, Kevyn Orr. I mean he hails from Maryland after all!

    For all we know Orr could be a Democrat! Someone flown in to do a job nobody in Detroit could or would do for the past few decades. For doing such a great job we send him late night gourmet waffles to his hotel room on occasion, but just when he’s been a really good boy! LOL j/k

    car·pet·bag·ger (kärpt-bgr)
    1. A Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War for political or financial advantage.
    2. An outsider, especially a politician, who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality.


    [So called because they carried their belongings in carpetbags.]


    carpet·bagger·y n.

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