Stop and Frisk is Racial Warfare

It amazes me how people can continue to defend New York City’s “stop and frisk” policy and deny that it is nothing less than racial warfare. Virtually every person who is stopped is a minority male and nearly every stop proved to be unjustified (i.e. nothing illegal was found, and no crime had been committed). Racial deniers claim that it has resulted in a lower crime rate, but they ignore the fact that crime rates in every major urban areas Including the pre-stop and frisk New York City) have been declining for years. For example, Los Angeles and Philadelphia have lower rates of crime than New York City without any similar police policy.

If you don’t believe that “stop and frisk” is fundamentally racist, consider this: not one stop and frisk has been conducted in one of the highest crime areas in all of New York, namely Wall Street. More crimes are committed on Wall Street than any other area of the country. Granted, these are not violent crimes, but neither are the vast majority of arrests done via “stop and frisk”, which are for minor drug possession offences. As the Daily Show quipped recently, you can throw a dart down Wall Street and hit a half gram of cocaine. Yet how many white men in $3000 suits have been stopped and frisked? I heard one defender of stop and frisk remark that white collar crimes do not destroy lives the way violent crimes do. Really? Financial crimes of Wall Street “banksters” have ruined many lives and resulted in the rapid growth of poverty not just in foreign countries, but right here in the USA. As Dr. King once observed, poverty is the most insidious type of violence.

The truth is that “stop and frisk” is obviously unconstitutional and is only tolerated because it targets minorities. It is racial warfare. 


3 Responses to Stop and Frisk is Racial Warfare

  1. Read The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam. It addresses exactly what you’re talking about and more. We overestimate certain risks and underestimate others to our own detriment. This mentality helped our ancestors survive but today is literally killing us. I think an apt analogy for what you’re talking about is how we get jittery at standing at the edge of a cliff and yet have no qualms about getting into a car and barreling down a superhighway at 75 MPH because the latter seems superficially safer. Evolution took into consideration (I mean this metaphorically, obviously) cliffs because falling to your death was a very real risk for our ancestors. Cars were only invented recently and so there was no reason to “program” us to be afraid of moving horizontally at a high speed over smooth terrain.

    Likewise, evolution “programmed” us to be afraid of people who were clearly not part of our tribal villages. Our ancestors did not encounter people with different skin colors until relatively recently in evolutionary history. When they did, as you know, all hell broke loose. To be afraid of anyone who seems “different” is powerfully ingrained in us because it helped our ancestors to survive (sadly, at the detriment of rival tribes). Evolutionary programming did not program us for complex, subtle modern threats like crooks on Wall Street.

    Incidentally, one of my favorite parts of The Hidden Brain is where the author talks about our fear of terrorism because of 9/11. Heart disease is a much bigger threat. If we were rational instead of emotional beings who worry about immediate threats instead of long-term, we would be in a much bigger panic about heart disease than terrorism.

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    I knew there was a reason the Rotten Apple never slept! Come to find out they are all jacked up on Coke! It’s all making sense now!

    Then again Mr. Fieger we are talking about New Your City. A place where Bloomberg can hook up with the likes of Lady Gaga for New Years eve and while it’s a free country NY tried to take away sugar beverages over 16oz! What kind of craziness is that? That’s New York City for you!

    I was working my way to New York Times Square one New Years eve and I can tell you that New York can become an all out mob scene. The police there seem to have no problems cracking skulls when the streets get packed. It’s a whole other world in NYC, a world I was more than happy to leave to New Yorkers the following day.

    Great place to visit though! But to answer your question I am not one bit shocked that NYC has a Stop and Frisk rule, just like I am not shocked you think it’s racist 😉

  3. Annika says:

    Think about it David Duke. If I am walking down the street window shopping, I have the right not to be disturbed, harassed or “stopped and frisked” for looking. I am sure if the government took away you rights to bear arms the U.S. would be a blood bath. Thant’s because white guys like you think I am white, therefore I own the US. And I am sure your type a true American “white skin, blue veins and red neck” hate when foreigners come from other stating you hate to see foreigners come to the US. I am sure the native americans said the same thing about your ancestors. Just do what you and people like you do best. Put on a sheet and a hood and go rent The Birth of a Nation for the 4th of July.

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