Wars and More War

Those of you that regularly read my blog know that one of my most common rants is about the Media-Military-Industrial Complex. I guess becoming a father of three children has shaped my perspective on this topic more than anything else. I think about what it would be like to receive news that one of them has been KIA, and what 122 families so far this year have felt when they were informed of their loss. So now that we are about to engage in another military action, let me ask you a few questions.

How many of you know that 5 soldiers died in Afghanistan last week?

Or that 122 of the best young Americans have died there so far in 2013, defending a corrupt Government and a country that is the world’s largest exporter of Heroin?

What will military action in Syria accomplish, other than killing more people and increased recruiting for terrorist groups?

We all agree that using chemical weapons to slaughter 1400 people is an act that demands action, but why does our first response always have to be military action?

The Brits are the consistent ally we have, so why is it that the British refuse to sign onto military responses to Assad’s crimes?

I am just saying that we have been at war continuously since 2001, over 12 years, and if we continue to allow the anonymous men behind desks who make money from war to shape our world, then not only my children, but their children as well will know nothing but war. It seems to be an especially painful observation on a society that just gave lip-service to a champion for peace this past week.  

3 Responses to Wars and More War

  1. We should not go to war with Syria. I wish we could come up with a way with intervening without killing people. If we don’t intervene, people die. If we intervene, people die. And come on, are we seriously intervening for altruistic reasons? Does anybody even believe that anymore?

  2. David Stein says:

    Since we get our US cable feed from Detroit up here in Ottawa I have been exposed to your commentary and ads for several years now. I have been intrigued by your passion and stance for common sense which seems to be sadly lacking in your country. Since we share a common border and in many ways many common interests I consider the USA to be my second home. I have been appalled by what is going on in your country the deep divisions and total lack of respect by your politicians for its constituents.

    Now to the point of Syria, why is it always the United State’s responsibility to stand up against all the world’s corrupt and abhorrent leaders? Where is the rest of the world when it comes to dealing with these perverted regimes? Your country has sacrificed enough young people who will never return home to be with their families again..The financial cost of the recent wars have left your once great nation in financial ruin. It is time that other countries stand up to tyranny, your country has done enough and some times too much. You are so right about Syria.

    Your Canadian neighbor,

    David Stein

  3. Rex A. Umney says:


    Yes America has lost a lot of good people in war. We have spent a whole lot of money along the way too.

    In today’s day and age we pretty much know what is going to happen with a “boots on the ground” war. With technology it would appear that these crazy anti-American types can be taken out by use of drone or smart bomb, making our loss of life a lot less.

    Why should we bother sending our kids to other nations to fight their wars? It is far easier and less expensive for us to just take out these leaders who are the real problem. Sooner or later the bad guys will get the picture! No longer will their efforts result in mass casualties of others, now days if you are a crack-pot dictator there are ways of surgically removing your ass from existence without all the pain and bloodshed of yesterday. As much as I hate to admit it, Obama has been one of the only Presidents that I know of that has launched such an aggressive campaign to topple ruthless dictators without having to put boots on the ground.

    But at what point does this power become abused? Well let’s take for example a Polish jet that was carrying the entire Polish government across Russia that mysteriously crashed, just a short time after Poland agreed to allow us to install missile interceptors on their land. Was it an accident? Really?

    I guess the power becomes abused when someone is unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

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