Cruel and Unusual

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted to significantly reduce, and otherwise make it nearly impossible, to get SNAP benefits for children who otherwise will go unfed or underfed as the result. Many of the adults who qualify for benefits are recently unemployed and use the benefits for an average of months to help feed their families. However, by far the majority of the people who benefit from SNAP are children who live in poverty. These are children under the age of 12 years old, who are not drug addicts, felons or otherwise the lazy and shiftless Americans that Republicans want you to believe they are.

Of course the GOP calls it “entitlement reform”, which means that they want to spend millions of additional tax dollars to ensure that people do not get benefits rather than how to get the benefits to the children who need it most. Children who are impoverished and hungry through no fault of their own are now, virtually, on their own. The same as the unemployed, the under-water mortgage holders and the homeless and veterans, thanks to GOP cruelty.

In an age we used to consider intolerant and rooted in ignorance and superstition, the poor used to be considered morally degenerate, lazy, sinful… a whole range of stigma that took generations to overcome. Slave America was such a society, but until the advent of the Tea Party, our society had progressed to a far more intelligent and compassionate understanding of the roots of poverty.

As we approach the next crisis manufactured by Tea Party extremists, I am hopeful that Americans will begin to realize the cruel and unusual society they want to create. 

4 Responses to Cruel and Unusual

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Cruel, yes, but sadly becoming all too much like business as usual.

  2. These are the same people who call themselves pro-life. That is, they value life from conception until birth.

  3. Rex A. Umney says:

    It’s these people who are gaming the SNAP system that are ones stealing from the kids mouths! They are the ones who could work, but just don’t feel the need because they get free food, or worse yet the ones who have more than enough money and use the program to subsidize their savings or drug/booze habit. These people are the REAL PROBLEM Mr. Fieger! They are usually the same kind of low life scum who run around with extra absentee ballots, voting Democrat for the next big hand out.

    There isn’t a Republican I know that would see some kid go hungry if they could help it, and I’d be ashamed of anyone who felt otherwise!

    At the same time I have been to stores in my work cloths (one step up from rags) while some dude in a brand new Polo outfit paid with a Bridge card and then offered to sell me some of his items for cash! It is things like this that anger people. Yes the kids need to be fed and around here if I don’t have a good week we eat lean. It’s quite the motivator trust me.

    All you want to do is blame the Republicans! Just how long are tax payers supposed to carry these people on SNAP? 6 months? 1 year? The rest of their lives?

    What would you know about it Mr. Fieger? Sure you see it… But have you ever lived it? I didn’t think so!

  4. Rex A. Umney says:

    This is how Democrats see the SNAP program.

    Shame on the RATS for using the SNAP program to buy a few votes!

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