Am I Bad?

I have to confess a little secret to you all. There is a part of me that wants to see a government shutdown. It is an irrational thought, maybe even a little sadistic, but there is method to this madness. This is another crisis manufactured by Tea Party wing-nuts. A few weeks ago I mused about the destructive nature of the Tea Party and how prone a political movement based on fear and anger is to demagogues, like Cruz. And now here we are with Cruz threatening to be a one man political suicide bomber, intent on putting at risk the financial standing of our Country, let alone vital supports to children and the elderly.

Considering the fact that the vast majority of Tea Party supporters are white and older Americans (“hands off my Medicare!”), maybe not getting a social security check from the government they hate so much will sober them up a bit. I don’t doubt that there are many Tea Party members who hold onto their anger for reasons other than politics, but I also believe that many Tea Party members are simply uninformed and frightened people. They have these fears and anxieties and a vague notion that someone or something is out to get them or their financial security. They’ve been convinced by corporate princes that it is “Obamacare”, or big government” that will usher in their personal apocalypse. Never mind that it is Obamacare that has already reduced their premiums, provided rebates from insurance companies, and otherwise will provide them with medical security, or that it is the same “big government” that sends out that vital social security check every month.

So perhaps when they don’t get the benefits of government they choose to hate, they will hit bottom like some angry drunk and recognize the piedpipers of self-serving billionaires and demagogues and become reasonable, rational Americans again.

It was that last thought that makes me recognize that thinking that a government shutdown will have benefits is an illusion. My bad…

2 Responses to Am I Bad?

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    You have really outdone yourself this time Mr. Fieger!
    Republicans are not the only ones who get social security and your profiling of the GOP being a party of “Angry Old White People” is as off kilter as one legged woman named Ileana!
    Am I an “Angry Old White person”? I don’t collect Social Security but I know many people who do. It’s a shame your Democrats put Social Security funds in the general ledger and allowed the funds to be co-mingled with other unrelated and wasteful spending. It was a Democrat who did this you know!
    But the real reason for the government shut-down? It’s because of this raw healthcare law that is being rammed down Americans throats. Just to be a “Sport” I went on to to see what insurance would cost. Here is what I got,

    Now let me just say this… When it comes to health care I don’t want a screen that says “Please wait”.
    The mandate is unconstitutional and does very little to noting in terms of lowing insurance rates from private companies. I get the feeling this new mandated health care is going to be a lot like mandated no-fault auto insurance. The way they got it rigged here in Michigan a driver with no points or accidents pays almost $100 a month for no-fault. The insurance is basically worthless! If you are in a small wreck you get nothing, if you are in a major wreck it’s not enough. It’s just sheer fleecing of the customer by way of force!
    I personally think a Government run and MANDATED heath insurance market is bad business! The deductibles are enough to bankrupt someone, the coverage sucks and is very limited yet go more than three months without coverage and you have to pay a fine! What kind of crap is that?
    This whole train wreck of an insurance plan is going to come to a head, meaning that soon the American people are going to feel the pinch! When this happens I don’t want to be a Democrat! Its already happening! I am not the only one with a Please Wait screen trying to access the rates! It’s not ready for the public yet PLAIN AND SIMPLE!
    But to answer your question “Are you bad”? Maybe a little… But you’re not “Bad to the Bone” like me! LOL

  2. Rex A. Umney says:


    The formatting really got messed up on that one! I guess Obama’s NSA don’t like when you point out the “Please Wait” problems with the website! LOL!


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