ObamaCare Day 3

Dateline FiegerLaw Bunker…

Post ObamaCare day 3 and the enemy have very cleverly done… nothing. We should not be fooled. As many Tea Party prophets have warned, ObamaCare means the end of Democracy, murder and mayhem. Early indications of millions and millions of Americans inquiring about insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act is not an indication of the need for ObamaCare, it may be the sign of some Zombie apocalypse. The fear of what will happen after ObamaCare is implemented is now amplified by the fear of why the fears have not been realized.

I guess I could continue to poke fun at the Tea Party (a.k.a. forces of ignorance and fear), but with the shutdown of the government – now likely to continue for weeks and morphing into the debt ceiling crisis – is becoming the most serious economic crisis in our lifetime and not a laughing matter. Since the Republicans have expressed the certainty that God is on their side and hates ObamaCare, maybe this old story will help them find a way out of the disaster they have created:

It had been raining for days and flood waters were rising. The Governor ordered the National Guard to evacuate. One boat arrived at a house where the flood waters had risen to the first floor, and as the rescuers peered in they saw a man on his knees in deep prayer. They told him to get in the boat, but he responded “I have great faith that the Lord will save us from this disaster.” Hours later the boat returned when the flood waters had risen to the second story of the house and, sure enough, there was the man still praying. Once again, he refuses to get in the boat. “God will save us all from this flood” he said. Finally the National Guard returns to find the man clinging to the chimney on his roof because the flood waters had risen so high: “Get into the boat now… this is your last chance because the dam is about to burst!” The man refuses saying “I know it looks bad right now but God will save us.”

The Dam bursts and the man of great faith is drowned. As he arrives at the Pearly Gates he is a bit upset. “Listen,” he tells St. Peter “I had faith and prayed to be saved and look at me – I’m dead. I am disappointed in you guys.” St. Peter responds “Listen buster, we aren’t too happy with you either. We sent the boat 3 times and you refused to get on it.”

Maybe the Republicans can get on the boat and stop creating crises before they hurt us all. 

One Response to ObamaCare Day 3

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    So you’re a comedian now Mr. Fieger?

    I got some good advice for you buddy… Don’t quit your day job! LOL

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