This is the End

Well its finally here. Even with the heroic efforts of the Tea Party and their historic leaders such as Ted Cruz, the United States ceased to exist today. Obamacare finally began. For over 2 years now we have been hearing how Obamacare will “destroy the economy”, “end democracy and usher in an era of government takeover worse than Nazi Germany”, begin the decline and destruction of the United States” (all quotes from Tea Party leaders in Congress).

At Fiegerlaw, we are all hunkered down in our basement bunker, locked and loaded and ready for the riots and mayhem that is sure to follow any second now.  Michelle Bachman, high priestess of the Tea Party, tells us that God is angry about Obamacare and will punish us. Not that they haven’t tried to help God’s will along by creating crises that have undermined the economic recovery, but if God is with the Tea Party then we are a doomed nation.

Maybe decades and dozens of doctoral dissertations from today we will be able to say that the gigantic wave of ignorance, anger and insanity peaked and crashed in the halls of Congress and the corporate fueled malignancy known as the Tea Party faded back under their rock.

One Response to This is the End

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    I just need a little clarification on a few things, or perhaps a dissertation or two as you intellectuals would call them…

    When you reach your credit card’s maximum borrowing capacity do you,

    a) Request a credit limit increase
    b) Quit using the card and pay it down
    c) Blame Republicans

    If you are a Democrat you would have chosen “A” and or “C”.

    So why would someone call this a manufactured crises when our nation IS at its maximum borrowing capacity, 16.5 Trillion dollars or $16,500,000,000,000.00?

    I just don’t understand this logic? Maybe we could get the Myth Busters involved on this one?

    What I noticed was Obama canceling his most recent overseas vacation…. Eh, I mean visit to Asia. Now Obama’s stuck here at home, with notes coming due and the simple fact a Government shut down means he has no job…. yet he is “Still Fly” to many in the Democratic Party as Obama cruises the nation in Tax payer campaign busses with a ¼ tank of gas… There is something strangely familiar about all of this…

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