Bankers to the Rescue?

As we inch nearer to the debt-limit deadline, we also seem to be inching toward another political irony: it may be the bankers that come to rescue the American economy. The World Bank, European Union and other European banking institutions are all starting to join Wall Street voices in an a type of “intervention” on Congress. I can only imagine the scene with Boehner surrounded by Wall Street and European Bankers:

Jamie Dimon (Chase bank):    John, we’ve asked you here to help you. We all love you and want you to get healthy. We are worried. Even your European family joined us today. We all want you to stop this destructive slide and end the government shut down and raise the debt limit… Cold Turkey.

Boehner:             You don’t understand what it is like. I can’t live without the Tea Party. When I enter a meeting with those guys, I can be drunk as usual and by the end of the meeting I am stone-cold sober. I feel like I don’t matter. It’s not a problem. Default would be good for the Country.

Richard Gnodde (Goldman-Sachs):          John, you’re in denial. We all have supported you financially and if you don’t get help then we will cut you off.

Boehner:             Ok, ok. I need to take care of a few things first, so after 30 more days I will end it.

Jim Yong Kim (World Bank):         No negotiating John. We must all have our boats moving in the same direction. You are dragging the whole family down with your Tea Party addiction. They are poison and you are being poisoned. No more money contributions, no more private jets, no more tanning until you stop.

Boehner:             (crying now) I know, I know. I hated them at first, but now they seem so good for me… Palin, Cruz, Paul… they really do love me. .. what’s left for me? Going back to live in Ohio – noooooooo!

It goes on for hours and days. Markets begin to crash and even the Koch brothers begin to lose money. That’s when the GOP will relent – when their billionaire sponsors in the USA and Europe begin to feel the pain. The Tea Party is not responsive to reality. The only question is whether or not Boehner is still in touch with reality.

One Response to Bankers to the Rescue?

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    And I could only imagine what Mr. Fieger would say about the healthcare law if being questioned by a heckler;

    Jeff Fieger (Fieger Law) : It’s a damn shame Dr. Kevorkian is no longer with us because no one could save the health insurance industry more money than him!

    Rex Umney (Some heckler in the crowd) : Are you alluding to the death panels set up in Obama care?

    Jeff Fieger (Fieger Law) : Obama care does not have death panels.

    Rex Umney (Some heckler in the crowd) : So these death panels are exclusive to Republicans only then?

    Jeff Fieger (Fieger Law) : Well they must have been dead on arrival, just like any bill they submit to the Senate. Let’s face it… This whole mess is going to get worse before it gets better. Next question please.

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