Media Assassins

November 6, 2013

A very important development in our nation has been unfolding this past week. Hearings on the scope of NSA spying have been occurring even as Edward Snowden is continuing to release more and more evidence of unprecedented and illegal spying. You wouldn’t know it based on a sample of media news. They have been busy creating a crisis out of the Obama Care web site. I say “creating” because in reality, while it is embarrassing to the Administration, the web site is beginning to work and it is only one of many vehicles to get medical insurance to Americans. The incompetence of the web designers/government bureaucrats is neither a crisis nor big news. So why spend 24/7 on a fake crisis and ignore a real one?

Media news stopped serving the public and now simply panders to the contrived crisis de jour. Corporate domination of the news means that ratings trump the truth and the essential. What corporate America wants – it gets, and sabotaging the Obama Care is high on the list of the billionaires behind closed doors. Even though people will have plenty of time to enroll if the web site is fully operational by the end of November, and there are alternative methods to enroll, the media insists on scaring away customers with one horror story of shut downs after another.

Then there is the whining of people who are losing their junk insurance policies because their policies are inadequate. Never mind the fact that those people are getting ripped-off by an insurance company and will get better coverage for less money under the ACA… the focus is on the Obama promise that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it.” People whining about losing their policies now are a bit like a person complaining that they can’t drive their car because there are no brakes.

Meanwhile the NSA is getting busted left and right for the Orwellian world they have created in cyberspace to virtually no media coverage.