Media Assassins

A very important development in our nation has been unfolding this past week. Hearings on the scope of NSA spying have been occurring even as Edward Snowden is continuing to release more and more evidence of unprecedented and illegal spying. You wouldn’t know it based on a sample of media news. They have been busy creating a crisis out of the Obama Care web site. I say “creating” because in reality, while it is embarrassing to the Administration, the web site is beginning to work and it is only one of many vehicles to get medical insurance to Americans. The incompetence of the web designers/government bureaucrats is neither a crisis nor big news. So why spend 24/7 on a fake crisis and ignore a real one?

Media news stopped serving the public and now simply panders to the contrived crisis de jour. Corporate domination of the news means that ratings trump the truth and the essential. What corporate America wants – it gets, and sabotaging the Obama Care is high on the list of the billionaires behind closed doors. Even though people will have plenty of time to enroll if the web site is fully operational by the end of November, and there are alternative methods to enroll, the media insists on scaring away customers with one horror story of shut downs after another.

Then there is the whining of people who are losing their junk insurance policies because their policies are inadequate. Never mind the fact that those people are getting ripped-off by an insurance company and will get better coverage for less money under the ACA… the focus is on the Obama promise that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it.” People whining about losing their policies now are a bit like a person complaining that they can’t drive their car because there are no brakes.

Meanwhile the NSA is getting busted left and right for the Orwellian world they have created in cyberspace to virtually no media coverage.

One Response to Media Assassins

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    It would seem to me that “perception” is all that stands between a good media story or even a good court case. How people perceive any particular event regardless of the merits is the difference between being an assassin or being assassinated. In both cases (media/law) you have two sides. One will stand, one will fall. A “good” journalist or attorney is capable of twisting any given situation to his or her advantage. Only in the news or the court room can 2+2 = 6 and it takes a skilled professional to lay the foundation for that kind of math.

    How you been doing lately Mr. Fieger? You been making out okay? Just the other day someone was telling me a story about how Fieger law went to bat for a kid that was the victim of malpractice. Nothing but wonderful things to say about how you made sure the kid would be set up right and taken care of and it made me feel proud to be part of this blog. After hearing about the misfortunes of the kid it got me to thinking about how insignificant my legal issues really are. While I still feel they are important, it just seems there are so much more important things for “Good” lawyers to be doing.

    I came here originally because I ran into some legal issues. I got jailed for trespassing in an AutoZone store in Westland Michigan for trying to exchange a customer’s battery of all things. This all happened on March 17th 2012 which was St. Patrick’s Day. I have been working as a mechanic since age 16 and I have been licensed and certified with the State of Michigan since 18 so it goes without saying as a person who repairs cars for a living I have had my fair share of dealings with automotive part warranties, and I still do today.

    Anyway, upon getting released from jail the following day; a hardened criminal trespasser of public businesses; I reached out to several law firms in Westland, all of whom wanted nothing to do with the case. I even tried contacting other law firms outside of Westland to no avail. Apparently most attorneys want nothing to do with suing the Police, which at the time I felt was partially responsible. So here I am a little over a year and a half later, having settled two out of three in my favor and now dealing with some massive law firm by the name of Plunkett Cooney who is representing AutoZone. Things have escalated so far out of hand that I have even had to file suit against AutoZone’s attorneys Plunkett Cooney! Mind you I am no “Professional” when it comes to law, but after seeing the public defender get two of their clients thrown in jail, and pretty much settling the rest of his docket I was pretty sure he too was not interested in wasting his time “doing the job right” so I elected to represent myself.

    Apparently attorneys such as yourself and even many in the legal profession frown on such things. I was once told by a legal professional that “Somebody who represents themselves has a fool for a client”. At first I just thought that was some cold shit a professional tells a layman before he’s about to be convicted and in some ways that was true. But after 1 ½ years now, a Pro Se criminal Jury trial and 4 Pro Se lawsuits against municipalities, large arrogant law firms, and a finally a multi-billion dollar corporation I am starting to see the wisdom in his advice. For instance, when examining a witness on the stand the Jury has a much greater chance of forming an opinion of you. Grilling a witness makes a Pro Se litigant come off looking like an asshole, but when done by another party such as an attorney, the Jury might think “This guys attorney is an asshole” all the while feeling bad for the defendant who sits quite with his mouth shut. Plus it was a Republican, Abraham Lincoln who coined the phrase above, so there must be truth in it.

    Yet still, here I am… A goldfish in what feels like a piranha tank trying to fight my way to survive, getting my fins nipped off only to find that I can no longer swim quick enough to avoid what amounts to being eaten alive. The paperwork as a trial progresses gets thicker and thicker as transcripts and exhibits get attached. Sometimes it feels like no one even bothers to read it, yet make one mistake and you will soon learn otherwise. I find the legal system fascinating and to be quite honest I think there is some room for improvement in the law. For example people who are charged criminally for a misdemeanor offence should be permitted discovery as a matter of law, but that’s not the case it would appear in misdemeanors. It would seem like one literally has to go out and sue in a civil court after the fact if they want to deposition others, including the Plaintiff / Victim! So that’s what I have done, and that Mr. Fieger is why I have taken up such an interest in your blog. I wanted to get into the mind of what I consider to be a great attorney and now after 1 ½ years of studying you I can honestly say that I am nowhere near crazy enough to understand you. Although I must admit that on many nights filling out motions and responses (like tonight) it has felt really good to come in here and be a part of your blog, if only because you are good at what you do, and you are not afraid to have an opinion. I might not understand you, but I got respect for you and what you do for people. So now you know, or maybe you already did.

    To quote a good guy (who was once an attorney); Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a trailer of common sense, staring out the window at a tornado of stupidity.

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