Know Nothing Do Nothings

We live in historic times. The current Congress is on the verge of claiming its place as the least productive Congress in our history. Good riddance. Hopefully, history will note that the Republican Party is virtually responsible for a Congress that actually harmed the Country, through inaction. And it was a deliberate decision made when President Obama took office. Republican leaders in the House and Senate, essentially Southerners (I consider Ohio to be south of the Mason-Dixon line), decided to stop the black President, even if it harmed the Country. They nearly succeeded.

So what can we do to repair a broken Congress? How about requiring them to work as many days as we are required? This current Congress spent only about 120 days in session (about 100 days devoted to repealing Obamacare and robbing the poor), but were paid handsomely. I think we should consider a pro-rated pay based on days in session actually doing some work and the number of bills passed that actually solve problems. As it exists today, most of the time legislators devote while in Washington DC is spent on fund raising, and most of the time they spend “meeting with voters back home” are also spent meeting with money contributors. In other words, Congress is now a money-making business for a few hundred people instead of a legislative body focused on solving problems.

The key to reforming a broken Congress is to create money incentives to solving problems and money penalties for obstructing progress. What do you think will fix it?


3 Responses to Know Nothing Do Nothings

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    So much for ” I am not wedded to any political party or economic theory.”

    I think the fix will come down to holding people accountable, that includes biased attorneys and lawmakers alike.

    If congress is broken it’s only because we have a two party system.

    A Democrat mindset, no?

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    ^^^^ from previous response ^^^^

    Seems the site does not embed mobile YouTube videos.

  3. Jim says:

    I don’t have the confidence it will be fixed in the foreseeable future.
    I wish I could be more optimistic but when one political party can control the follow of information to the public, it contributes to what we have in Washington and Lansing. In my opinion, The average taxpayer citizen is mentally lethargic and could care less about what is going on and will not tolerate the intellectual exertion needed to be informed about the society we live. Moreover when we do put our faith and trust in someone like the President, who told us we would not loose our current health care provider, is it any wonder people get dismayed about government. What you are not hearing about is what is going on with Medicare. I am finding out from a variety of sources relative to coverage and what the plan will cover to save costs. Someone needs to look into that because Democrats may pay a big price in the 2016 elections. Look at voter turnout. Especially in Detroit. People are more emotionally involved over the outcome of NFL Sunday Night Football. We have voters who believe sound bites that don’t explain or report objectively on the entirety of an issue and regard those statements as credible.

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