OMG! Obama Killed God!

The Right Wing/Religious world was in full alert mode. It started with Rush Limbaugh announcing that President Obama had deleted the refernce to God when reciting the Gettysburg Address. The news spread like wildfire through the right wing media and the requisite expressions of outrage and calls by Tea Party Congressmen for impeachment went out. It confirmed the conservative narrative that Obama hated the country and was intent on making it an Islamic Caliphate.

Turns out the whole episode did confirm one narrative: that the right wing is populated with sub-cortical morons who reflexively react to meaningless stimulus. Limbaugh, the Grand Pubah of the Confederation of Idiots (to borrow a phrase), was demonstrating his cynical manipulation of ignorance for his commercial benefit. Most people on the right in my experience are extraordinarily ignorant of American History and generally not literate, so why would they know that more than one draft of the speech would exist, or that more than one version since Fox News was not there to report it?

It turns out that there were 5 versions of the speech, only 2 of which referred to God. President Obama was asked to read one version by the producer. It would be laughable, if not so such a sad reflection on so many Americans.

7 Responses to OMG! Obama Killed God!

  1. Susan Jones says:

    Geoffrey, you need to be the Mayor of Detroit. NO election needed. Wish I could do this for you!

  2. Bill Maher on how Republicans are like children. I particularly like what he says about Rush Limbaugh.

  3. Rex A. Umney says:

    Obama didn’t kill God…

    Well maybe for small minded washed up Democrats. I’m not talking about the important Democrats who make a living off of the downtrodden (just look away Mr. Fiegertime) poor, I’m talking about the downtrodden poor who don’t know any better and think Obamas lack of faith is an example to live by for Democrats.

    What is the Democratic parties big draw? It’s that whole “Hey it’s okay to sleep with and marry your same sex friend, and while you’re at it forget about things like God, religion, truth and the natural order of life”. These things will just cloud your mind and bring about the better judgement that keeps us out of power. Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven is the Democrat motto.

    Did Obama kill God? Quite the opposite really. Many that trust in God trusted in Obama. If it comes to pass Obama has been less than honest in his 8 year long campaign of self interest then he could be exposed.

    For some, Obama was a light of hope. For others he was just another big talker who would eventually become that of who he swore to fight, which is the inherent corruption that is the demon of all politics.

    Fear not Mr. Fiegertime, God is alive and well! In fact his sons birthday is just a few weeks away and if you go to the store, or drive down the street you can see his supporters everywhere!

    You have yourself a Merry little Christmas Mr. Fieger. Relish the fact Republicans bucked if only to ensure the spirit of Christmas would not be encumbered by the know nothing and the do nothing majority in the Senate who now send bills to the house for approval.

  4. Jim says:

    No better example of people living off of the downtrodden is the majority party in Lansing. All you have to do is look at what they have accomplished for the people of Michigan in the last 4 years.
    Remember, they are the party of smaller government and less taxes.
    You couldn’t come up with a skit that funny for a version of the Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason. Or should it be Moneymooners.

  5. Noncooperator says:

    Hey Rex, it is probably more accurate to say that Mr. Fieger makes his living helping the downtrodden poor. Does a physician that assists cancer patients make his living off of unfortunates with cancer or does he help them?

  6. Rex A. Umney says:


    I’m not saying Mr. Fieger is a bad guy and I have heard stories by the truckload about how he helps people that honestly can not help themselves.

    I just think Mr. Fiegers political and religious beliefs are a bit twisted and for the life of me I can’t seem to figure him out. Usually people with his mindset aren’t the kinds of people who help others, yet I keep hearing otherwise.

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