Dumb Dynasty

It happened with mind-boggling speed, a media thermo-nuclear blast of controversy – cable news was shocked … shocked that an uneducated, self described “bible-thumping” redneck from backwoods Louisiana would condemn homosexuality and claim that blacks were happy and singing before the civil rights era. Sara Palin and the sub-cortical right immediately jumped to the defense of the “gospel”, conveniently leaving out the commentary on civil rights (after all, didn’t St. Paul tell slaves to “obey” their masters?).

I was fascinated by the fact that Thomas Jefferson edited his own Bible to include only those quotes attributed to Jesus. Read what Jesus actually said in the bible and there is nothing there about gay marriage, or slavery as an institution (He does point out the slavery of hatred).  Thus we were subjected to a panoply of hypocrites like serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin (remember Glenn Rice?) defending hate speech in yet another manufactured crisis and corporate marketing opportunity. We are living in the dumb dynasty of cable news.

Time to turn off the TV. As for me, I am glad I am unburdened by hatred of anyone.


3 Responses to Dumb Dynasty

  1. Sadly, the Bible does endorse slavery. Is it in the Old Testament? Yes, but so are the Ten Commandments, presumably embraced by the same people who dismiss the slavery endorsement as being Old Testament.

  2. Republican congressional candidate Ian Bayne compared that Duck Dynasty looney to Rosa Parks: “In December 1955, Rosa Parks took a stand against an unjust societal persecution of black people, and in December 2013, Robertson took a stand against persecution of Christians.”

    Um, wow?

    Satirizing Republican politicians is becoming harder and harder because they satirize themselves.

  3. I have only seen Duck Dynasty in passing or on advertisements. I honestly feel this whole thing was cooked up by A&E to drum up media attention for what must have been a fizzling series.

    I don’t see why, as I am sure A&E is doing just fine with “The Walking Dead”, which might I add picks up on Feb. 9th! LOL

    It was a risky play… Could backfire. Still I respect the rights of people to have their opinions, and A&E reversing its decision was the right thing to do. If people don’t like Duck Dynasty they don’t have to watch it. Just because someone is a movie star, or an Attorney; doesn’t mean they can’t have the right to feel how they do… Just like gay folks really..

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