State of the Union

When President Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union address he is reported to be emphasizing the problem of economic injustice. At first glance, this would seem to be a good thing, since the extraordinary re-distribution of wealth to the top 1% has only accelerated in the past 4 years, and the ability of Americans to improve their financial situation has significantly declined.

I say “at first glance” because without a radical change of policy the Obama Administration will only continue to accelerate these trends. Maybe some of you remember Jim DeMint’s infamous “you lie” outburst during the first State of the Union address by Obama? Maybe it should have been held in reserve for this one. Let me explain why …

The fact is that 95% of the benefits of the “Obama Recovery” have gone to only the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans. The fact is that during the same Administration that has prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all other Presidents combined, prosecutions of white collar crime has virtually stopped. Journalists, Congress, academics … all agree that illegal activity by Wall Street bankers has escalated since the taxpayer bailouts, illegal activity that has robbed the taxpayers of countless billions SINCE the bailout. I think we all understand now that Congress has been beholden to Wall St. and billionaire donors for years, but “say it ain’t so Barak”! 

A few years back, March 27, 2009 to be exact, President Obama held a meeting with the Lords of Wall St. at the White House.  During that meeting he reportedly cut a deal to not criminally prosecute any of the bankers for the massive fraud that had nearly destroyed the economy. At the time, the President denied this leak, but facts speak for themselves. Prosecutions of white collar crimes has reached an all time low under the Obama Justice Department, even as more and more evidence of white collar crime is being unearthed. 

Many of the rich and their hired apologists in government and the media accuse economic justice advocates of simply being envious of the rich and desirous of a something for nothing society. The fact is that much of what has caused such an unjust distribution of wealth has been a rigged tax code and illegal activity by banks “too big to fail”. We simply want a fair playing field.

When President Obama talks about the need to “protect the middle class” and to “restore the ability of Americans to improve their financial opportunities”, realize that his policies have been designed by Wall St. to protect Wall St. and not our own well being.  Without a radical reversal of his own policies, it would be a false promise (a lie).    



2 Responses to State of the Union

  1. How do you know when it’s a really cold day out? When politicians have their hands in their OWN pockets.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to watch the SOTU live, but I finally got a chance tonight. Seems to me Obama got off to a rocky start, but as always pulled thru an incredible performance. I often times thought Obama reminded me of a vocal chameleon, in that I could detect varying degrees of speech that sounded like Bill Clinton one minute, Barrack Obama the next, while almost blending flawlessly into a MLK “I have a dream” moment as he paid respects to an injured soldier. It was powerful and I don’t think I seen a single person sitting down. I could even detect a little JFK in there too! That’s what I mean by a vocal chameleon… He blends it all up very well and the transitions are relatively smooth. I was impressed so it’s a complement, like a Presidential M.C. if you will… The classic “Silver Tong Devil”.

    Obama is without a doubt one of the best Democrat speakers since JFK. The way JFK “Asked not what our country could do for us, but what we could do for our country”, Obama asked Americans business to “Give Americans a raise!”. As if to say, “I am no longer going to put my foot on Republican necks if they don’t give people a raise”. It’s almost like Obama became friends with Poo-Bear and is taking the “Honey” approach. Yet I am sure many will feel his eagerness to offer other peoples money a typical socialistic disgrace, but I give him credit for trying the “Honey” approach. I could tell a great many close to him were very selective in their enthusiasm on various issues, but having everyone come together at the end was a very humbling moment. Just as I thought congress was broken and divided, I seen them all come together in support of the reality that people are dying and getting seriously hurt defending and serving this nation.

    Obama seems confident that he is making the best choices, but sometimes I think he puts too much trust in a bad situation. Trust that aught not to be so freely given as it pertains to overseas nuclear proliferation. I think it’s a much bigger thing to give someone a nuke, than say, a daddy giving his son a rifle. I’m sure a great deal of people questioned his formula that suggested the national deficit was “going down”, but at the same time gone was the doom and gloom of 2008, and at last the light at the end of the still very long tunnel. Obama’s support for Team USA in Russia, and the way he said it got me to thinking “Maybe this guy is an American!”. Maybe he does want the best for our nation and his legacy as the leader of the free world. Maybe… Just Maybe he is going to prove me wrong!?

    Then the Reality sets in… If Obama were just a Republican, maybe he would almost be perfect! LOL But all kidding aside, It had to have been a good State of the Union 2014 for me to walk away feeling like the hour spent watching it wasn’t wasted, but somewhat uplifting… Even if I had to tell my self to “agree” to “disagree” with some of his claims, I was really impressed with how Obama brought it around and made it count. Well worth watching!

    Now after all these years Obama has got my attention… The only question is, what will he do with it?

    He has to know, adults in Michigan are not able to receive medicade benefits to help defray insurance cost for their families. This is a really big deal, why can’t he work with Michigan to get it fixed? I don’t see any reason why Michigan would not benefit from more money to the state? Something is off. Not only that but the cost of some of these plans are outrageous if you take away the subsidy, making me wonder how in the world I get by if people are able to afford such things in addition to their current expenses just to get by.

    Obama must also know that bank lending has not had a pulse in years! Sure he fixed the checking accounts and for that I tip my hat… But what about the plain and simple fact it’s almost a three ring circus jumping thru hoops and a kidney in terms of closing cost for banks to get the Fanny Mae thumbs up before they will even lend. Hell you have a better chance of getting a loan for a car than you would a home. Can you live in a car? The answer is No! Trust me I have tried it.

    Obama must know Detroit IS bankrupt. Are PEOPLE less important than CARS? It should be a no brainier that Obama swoop in and rescue it, if only to ensure the people who overwhelmingly voted for him are spared! Screw these European banks such as Barclays and the likes! Detroit should get help just like GM! The PEOPLE need to be re-tooled! The City needs the same kind of loan that was given to GM… But maybe Obama has more faith in GM than he does Detroit, and that’s not even mentioning the surrounding County’s, Cities and Townships! Government will give loans to companies they feel are “too big to fail”, yet dismiss Detroit as not worthy? The Federal Government should back any City or State within the Union just as it would a bank or insurance company. Detroit is being left out for the wolves! Plain and simple! We have a serious crisis right here in Detroit, USA and I am supposed to give a crap what’s good for Iran? C’mon! I bet if Washington D.C. was faced with bankruptcy Yeah.. Obama’s 2014 State of Union / Call to action got me thinking! It’s got me looking at Obama like WTF? Where in the hell are ya? If Obama does not come out of a telephone booth like Superman with his cape and save Detroit, yet all this money that has been sent to other nations in the name of peace and good will is just another Kwami Kilpatrick scam on the entire nation!

    Then again, I’m a good arm-chair politician… Seems so easy… Maybe I aught to try it? Probably end up getting my ass kicked like the time I tried to be an Attorney.

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