GOP, BSC and Why are You Still a Republican?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog suggesting that Dave Agema should be commended on his honest representation of the Michigan Republican Party’s stance on gays, women and minorities. Agema’s comments to the effect that many of our fellow human beings should not be tolerated flew in the face of the GOP media façade of “treating everyone with dignity and respect,” but notice that he is still the Chairman of the Michigan RNC. Even more evidence that Michigan’s Republican Party has succumbed to the BSC fringe of society is the likelihood that he will be joined by Mary Helen Sears.

This is a woman who unapologetically claims that the theory of evolution gave rise to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin and that homosexuality is an invention of Satan used to scare off the Holy Spirit. She has joined other delusional Republicans in the claim that Communist professors are taking over our schools. The next thing you know, tin foil hats will be mandatory at the State GOP convention!

Given the clear situation that Michigan Republicans are comfortable with leaders that appear to be psychotically delusional or, at best, dangerously intolerant, how could many Michiganders remain Republicans? I can understand their reluctance to become Democrats, but why not start a third party – a political party of sane refugees from the Michigan GOP?  And where is the most high profile Republican in Michigan — Gov. Snyder — stand on these obscenely intolerant declarations? Silence is consent Governor.

3 Responses to GOP, BSC and Why are You Still a Republican?

  1. Never mind that “On the Origin of Species” was one of the books that Hitler banned…

  2. bdert says:

    Off the subject, but I really wish that you were practicing law in Florida, taking nothing away from the states attorneys I believe that they are adept at what they do..However, they always seem to a bit over matched & unable to rival the unctuous styles of their opponents. O’mara made the court room his living room & the state were visitors, Strolla was allowed to framed a ludicrous argument before the jury with few objections. It’s been tough to watch..Of course you wont move your practice to FL. but it would be nice to have CNN or the like networks have you on as a legal analyst to elucidate & bring some perspective to things..

  3. Rex A. Umney says:

    There is nothing wrong with a family man taking a disapproving stance against homosexuality Mr. Fieger!

    This whole notion that people can not have their own opinion without the risk of being labeled a racist or homophobic is the hallmark of the Democratic propaganda machine.

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