Professor Bundy: Conservative 101

While CNN continues to report on every random piece of debris found in the Indian Ocean, other media networks have moved on to more important things. One notable trend has been the strange case of Cliven Bundy. Every once in a while a personality rises above the staccato din of the media to offer an object lesson in life. Joe the Plumber was instructive on the deleterious effects of prolonged lead exposure. Anthony Weiner was a prohibitive tale of being careful where you point your cell phone camera. Now comes Cliven Bundy – ostensibly the conservative poster child of Conservatives and States’ rights advocates. As it turns out, he REALLY IS emblematic of Conservative values.

Cliven Bundy is a nut. He happens to own a lot of land and cattle out West so his lunacy existed in relative obscurity, except for the few human beings who had contact with him. Fox Cable News discovered him while he was in the midst of threatening Federal Land Management staff who wanted to collect grazing fees. The Feds allow cattlemen to let their cattle roam wherever they want on lands and feed, so long as the cattlemen pay a fraction the money they would have had to spend on feed. Mr. Bundy didn’t like that and his cause was first taken up by armed right wing terrorists, and then by their media outlet, Fox Cable News. For one glorious week, Mr. Bundy and his cause appeared on numerous shows on Fox, espousing the conservative principles existing under the umbrella of “States’ Rights”. He stood shoulder to shoulder with conservative men like Rick Perry and entire factions of the GOP, such as Wisconsin Republicans who wonder out loud if secession would be preferable to Obamacare.

Then, true to form, Mr. Bundy went on to show his conservative Achilles heel: he started talking about something conservatives want to leave unspoken: the racist foundation of contemporary conservatism. Mr. Bundy believes that slavery was preferable to freedom for African-Americans. He believes that African-Americans are less than humans because of Federal programs, such as welfare. (Keep in mind, his grazing on Federal lands is a form of welfare). Contemporary Conservatism (as distinct from the William F. Buckley generation) is inherently racist. This is what drives the irrational opposition to President Obama. How else to explain why Obama proposals that Conservatives used to support , are rejected? Why else would you oppose your own programs and policies simply because a black President supports them? When you delve deep enough into the conservative mind set and lifestyle you discover things like Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead ranch” or Mr. Bundy believing that African-Americans are worse off today because of Federal programs instead of “being taught how to pick cotton”.

Although Fox Cable News and others who touted Mr. Bundy as a Conservative hero has now become silent on the issue, the lesson should not be lost on us: Mr. Bundy DOES reflect true Conservative values.


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