On John Conyers

One of the truly decent men serving in Congress is John Conyers. The recent flap about not gathering enough valid signatures to place his name on the ballot is not a reflection on his lack of popular support. Rather it is due to a law (that is probably unconstitutional) requiring those gathering signatures to be registered voters, and the incompetence/corruption of the signature gathering industry in the Detroit area.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life in politics that all politicians, good and bad, are at the mercy of people who earn their living from getting people elected. In Detroit, it means dealing with two or three political pimps who sell signatures, and access to nursing homes and churches – the holy grail of absentee ballots.

John Conyers has shown good judgment, consistent principles and even acts of courage that have subjected him to constant attacks from the right wing. So you can understand the glee and mocking going on now in the Beltway, not because of another principled stand he has taken against the prevailing political winds.

Congressman Conyers is the subject of ridicule because a few native Detroiters cared less about protecting the best Representative ever elected from Michigan, than they did making a few extra bucks (has it really been that lean since your man Kwame went down?). Let’s hope it marks the end of the careers of a few well known political “consultants” and not the end of a truly great political career.


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