D-Day Considered

Today is the anniversary of D-Day and the focus has been on the men who sacrificed so much to preserve liberty. They deserve our gratitude, but more than gratitude they deserve our efforts. The fight for liberties continues, not just in the mountains of the Hindu-Kush, but in the courtrooms of our country. Our liberty is threatened less by Taliban running around in caves 7,000 miles away than it is by the corporate lobbyists in Lansing and D.C.
If you think I am joking, ask yourself this: what would those men who died on the beaches of Normandy think about a government that illegally spies on its own citizens? Or a government that has killed its own citizens without a trial? What would they think about a government that denies citizens the opportunity to have their day in court? Or a government that tortures prisoners?
Maybe the best way to honor their sacrifice is to offer our own.
Make an effort to change our government back from one which serves corporations to one that serves the people, with the same values and ideals that generations of Americans have fought for — on the beaches of Normandy or the streets of Birmingham.

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