Many of you have seen my series of commercials “My America.” In them, I try to emphasize the values and liberties that make our country so special in the world and in history.
Since we are having another “America” moment created by the media on the return of Sgt. Bergdahl from captivity in Afghanistan, I thought I should weigh in on what my America stands for.
We don’t leave troops behind and we don’t convict and condemn people without a trial, especially men who have volunteered to serve in a time of war. He has earned at least that much.
I feel that people who have never served in the military should have nothing to say about the soldier and what he may have done or not done in the field. Period.That includes the chicken hawk army of conservative politicians who weeks ago were condemning President Obama for not doing “everything in his power” to get Bergdahl back, and now condemn President Obama for using his power to get Bergdahl back.
It should offend everyone that men who had neither the patriotism or the courage to serve the country in the military are condemning a man’s behavior in combat, even as no one is clear about any of the facts surrounding his capture. However, clearly the hottest place in Hell has to be reserved for men like John McCain.
He was set free from captivity after Nixon cut a deal with North Viet Nam to withdraw American troops from the South.Of all people he should be the last to advocate leaving a troop behind.The Vietnamese couldn’t take it from him, but apparently McCain has voluntarily sold his soul.

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