After the Deluge

It was amusing, if not frustrating, to see Gov. Snyder boarding a helicopter to view the faux-Katrina like flooding if the Detroit Metro area. I had to wonder if Gov. Nerd was contemplating his repeated failures to get his fellow Republicans to fund infrastructure projects as he flew over flooded highways, streets and homes.

In fairness, nothing could have prevented most of the flooding after the record rainfall. However, it is also true that the flooding will accelerate the damage to the already disintegrating roads and crumbling bridges. Obscured by the flooding was the collapse of a major water main in Bay County, resulting in 5 million gallons per day being lost, and several other significant infrastructure failures in the state.

Gov. Snyder understands the problem with Michigan’s infrastructure, and the need to get some major projects started to attract businesses (and jobs) to the state. The problem is that the Republican Party as a whole has decided to put political interests ahead of the citizens of the state. Lansing Republicans do not want infrastructure projects started with the jobs being created in an election year.

Tea baggers simply don’t want any government, let alone government projects. I don’t know what the Nerd can do when his own party refuses to follow his lead and do what is right for Michigan, except call out the worse GOP offenders in the media in the hope that others will be shamed into doing what is right … assuming that they have any capacity for shame left.   


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