Don’t Do Stupid Sh#*

“Don’t do stupid sh#*” is the exact quote from President Obama when trying to explain the cautious approach he has taken to foreign policy. Apparently those words of wisdom hit a nerve among a lot of people who have done some pretty stupid sh#* in the past, including Hillary Clinton.

Always the calculating politician, Hillary used the quote out of context to take a cheap shot at the President at the worse possible time. Just as the same war mongers who started the last Iraq war (and whose criminal neglect created the chaos that we are dealing with today) are calling for another war, Hillary gives them indirect support with her criticisms.

The former senator (who pushed for the Iraq war) was probably trying to make an attempt to distance herself from an unpopular President who is left with nothing but Sophie’s Choices in Iraq. It came across to me as an angry, defensive reaction to a mistake she made. It is not the first time she has reacted angrily to being confronted with her mistakes.

This is probably the one most troubling character defects of Hillary, a false pride. As many mistakes that President Obama has made in foreign policy, he has at least admitted the mistakes and shown saintly patience towards his critics. One had to wonder if when he got his hug from Hillary, he didn’t whisper in her ear “stop doing stupid sh#*.”   

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