Tolerance Taxed

Last weekend there was a conference of Muslims in Detroit, and I was curious to hear what they had to say about … beheading.

It’s not like American Muslims don’t have enough to worry about or more important issues to discuss. The growing incidence of hate crimes, a government escalating civil rights violations, and a popular culture increasingly tolerant of hate speech directed at them … So why bother with condemning a crime committed in Iraq? Because the savage beheading of a human being has become the image representing the “religion of peace.”

The news from overseas is a disaster not only for the Muslims in the Middle East. The violence between sects has gone beyond sectarian to something more accurately described as religious genocide. The violence and hatred between Muslims is almost … well, Christian in scale. So the tepid response of the Muslim leadership to the beheading of their captives (American, Syrian, Christian, Muslim – it doesn’t matter) is disappointing at best.

Shi’a, Sunni – it doesn’t matter. Iran has beheaded as many “criminals” as Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE. I always felt that Christians were the most brutal of all religions. I am not so sure now that it matters. Maybe the Muslims are only a few centuries behind the Christians with internecine genocide. Is there an inherent quality in ANY religion to evoke hatred and violence? In the words of Lennon: “Imagine …”

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