Guns, Guns and More Guns

One reaction to the terrorist attack on the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is to ask a somewhat thought-provoking question about what’s going on.

What if the gunmen had not declared their allegiance to Al-Qaeda? Would this then become just another massacre that the public has become immune to? How is it that only attacks in the name of the Muslim religion make the front pages?

The use of military-class weapons by the two brothers responsible for the attack led to the realization that although these arms are illegal in France, they are becoming increasingly available there. What if this attack had happened on U.S. soil where these weapons are sold openly at gun shows? As long as the perpetrator isn’t a Muslim, it would be covered for a day or two at most. And then, forgotten.

According to a spokesperson for the NRA, this attack had “actually” nothing to do with guns at all. This is just another example of the NRA trying to miscast a tragedy for the association’s benefit. The more joiners they entice, the higher gun sales, and the less defending they have to do of their mindlessly self-serving policies.

The NRA doesn’t care what guns are doing, as long as they keep being manufactured and sold. Their spokesman is correct, the guns, “lacking brains”, did not plan the raid on Charlie Hebdo. But guns did enable the killings.

The bottom line is that we have slaughters every day in America, as bad as anything that happened in France. As long as an Al Qaeda sympathizer does not commit the slaughter, we Americans could care less.

20 school children can be gunned down at Sandyhook, and we do nothing. Nothing! We will never limit access to the guns that enable the slaughter – UNLESS ……..what if all those Al Qaeda nuts suddenly realize that it is way easier to slaughter people in America with our easy access to sophisticated weaponry, courtesy of the NRA? Then maybe, just maybe, this Country might do something about guns? Naw.

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