Kim Davis: Back to the Future

Kim Davis is the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk who refuses to follow the law and issue marriage licenses to gay couples. After SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal to allow her to continue to violate the law, she continues to break the law. One gay couple confronted her about refusing to do her job by asking her by what authority she is refusing to issue them a marriage license and she responded “God’s authority,” and then went to hide in her office. One could hear the echoes of African-Americans trying to register to vote in 1965, and being told the same thing. Kim Davis is a prophet of doom. She is the face of the American Taliban: only she knows “God’s will” and she will force you to obey her faith.

Ms. Davis has a right to her “religious” beliefs, no matter how hateful they may be. She has a right to a job as well (as long as she follows the law.) However, she is no martyr. This issue is not about her faith or her right to practice her faith. It is about her using her position of authority to force others to follow her religion. If she had a real faith, then she would resign from the job and do something else. Her motive is not faith, but hatred. She wants to get the publicity. She wants to garner attention. She wants to be seen as a martyr and inspire other bigots to do the same. I have no issue with Ms. Davis as a “Christian.” I have a problem with her holding office in government and using that authority to force people to conform to her faith, in violation of the law. She is the poster child for the so-called “religious freedom” laws.

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