Why Kim Davis is a Christian Hero

There is nothing unusual about the story of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk jailed for breaking the law, and latest heroine of the Christian Conservative Movement. She seems to represent everything Christians consider important in life. As County Clerk she has decided to use her authority to ban marriages she considers “sinful” because they violate her “conscience.”
Some people point to her long, sordid past history of casual sex and casual marriages. She has been married four times, had children conceived through an extra-marital affair (her second or third husband, I believe). Although the Jesus in my bible had a lot to say about divorce, Ms. Davis is considered a Christian role model. After having been forgiven the many acts of “sin” in her past, she is now representing God’s word on Holy Matrimony. (You get that sort of thing a lot with these types — lifelong histories of antisocial behavior washed away by their faith, only to return again when their anti-social impulses can’t be controlled).
Now she claims her faith is the law in Kentucky because “God’s Law” is more compelling than America’s law. Her faith also led this high school graduate to become a member of the State Board of Education in order to ban the word “evolution” from State Education Curricula. Her faith is the same that compels other Christians to crash the funerals of servicemen, telling grieving family members that their son or daughter died because “God Hates Fags.” Her faith is also the faith that justified laws allowing slavery, laws banning inter-racial marriages, laws restricting voting rights for African-Americans, and contemporary anti-immigration restrictions. It seems that the Jesus of these Christians hates a lot of people, for various reasons, at various times. That should make you worried when they get the cloak of government authority.
If you wonder how Islamic Fundamentalism can attract enough popular support and become the law of the land in the Middle East, then look to Kentucky. This is not an isolated event related to a hateful woman forcing her religious beliefs on others because she is acting as an agent of the government. There are significant numbers of these types in the “Bible Belt” and they have a political agenda. When your hear politicians announcing that this is a “Christian country” and that Christians are being subjected to anti-Christian laws, they are speaking code for the movement to force all of us to follow the law only as they define it. Just like the Taliban or Wahhabis. The fact that men running for President of the U.S. are visiting her and supporting her stand is a bright red warning light to those of us who love liberty. Huckabee and Cruz – both Christians – are doing their part to stoke the flames of hatred and fear by claiming that judges are at war with Christian values. They want the law of the country to be their personal faith.
This is not about whether or not Ms. Davis went to jail, or even if gay couples can get married in Kentucky. It’s not even about the fact that there are literally millions of “Christians” whose faith justifies hatred towards others. The real issue is that there are a significant number of political leaders who are seeking to gain power by fanning the flames of fear and hatred, and once in power seek to force us all to convert to their faith.

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