The Bengoofie Hearings

Eleven hours of testimony before the Congressional Benghazi Committee accomplished far more for the Hillary campaign than she could have ever hoped for, and did far more damage than the GOP realizes. A GOP panel consisting of former prosecutors were expected to pick apart Hillary. They tried their best to undermine her credibility with apparent contradictions on totally irrelevant testimony. This is a common prosecutor trick. They will ask a witness about some inconsequential detail and hope to elicit the contradiction to use later. For example, ask a witness if their shirt was blue or gray on the day before a murder occurred. If the witness says “gray” and they can prove it was blue, then they argue to juries that the witness is a liar and can’t be believed in any testimony. They tried badgering the witness, insulting the witness and mocking the witness for hours to get her upset and react by saying something foolish. They tried to use rat-a-tat-tat questions with a no win question at the end. None of their prosecutor tricks worked.

In the end, Hillary nullified any questions about her age, stamina and temperament with a leery electorate. Even worse, the GOP questions at times ranged from offensive (e.g. the security service that coordinates security for all diplomats and even Congressmen were not competent) to simply goofy. Rep. Pompeo asked questions that even Conservatives mocked later (e.g. Commentary magazine asked why he didn’t go on to ask Hillary if Chris Stevens was friended on her Facebook as well). Rep. Jordan of Ohio, came across as just a disheveled man angry at yet another woman who wouldn’t say “yes” to him. Susan Brooks seconded a Democrats motion to publish depositions only to reverse herself when other Republicans looked at her cross-eyed.

These Benghazi Congressmen provided the nation with a simple explanation about why States like Kansas pass such foolish and intolerant laws: they elect morons. It is as though these States (notably, most of the South) are populated by a majority of sub-cortical morons who reflexively elect extremist conservatives even against their own interests. Kansas for example, elected an archconservative governor and legislature who promptly implemented the conservative agenda: less government, lower taxes, and gutted social safety net programs. The result has been an economic and social disaster. Even with a budget deficit, the worst economy in the country, the worst education system, and essential services such as fire and police unable to function effectively, they re-elected the same people!

All of which, brings us back to my recent blog about Ben Carson. The goofy and ineffective Congressmen of the Benghazi Committee only serve to benefit the Carson candidacy. Why? Because Carson lends the veneer of intellect to the anti-science, anti-education party. The man whose most recent revelation of his intellect was opining that anti-voting laws were not racist, and that the theory of evolution was inspired by the devil, is right in their wheelhouse. I suppose one could not accuse that brain surgeon of being sub-cortical in the operating room, but on matters of social policy, economic policy and foreign policy… well, there is a saying in the law that “it speaks for itself”.

How could a substantial part of America consistently elect men of this caliber? Even half of the Republican Party is wondering what is happening. They should wonder why these people flock to their Party, but not why half of their members support Trump and Carson. Stupidity, like a roach, is a resilient thing. Doesn’t bode well for the Country, does it?

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