…In the Land of the Fear and Home of the Afraid

It’s amazing to see the difference between how the French government and our own government responded to the terrorist attack in Paris. France has announced that it will accept 30,000 more Syrian refuges SINCE the attack and encouraged their citizens to go out in public even more than they would in defiance of the attempt to terrorize. The cafes and other public venues in Paris have been overflowing with Parisians. The French also increased their bombing of ISIL, which they have been doing for years.

Compare the French reaction to the American. The Republican Congress and every GOP candidate for President are stumbling over themselves to ban refugees. It’s not just the GOP, who have been more focused on Mexicans lately. A significant number of Americans polled agree. And it’s not just about refugees, the fear mongering includes registering all Muslims, including American citizens (where in history have we heard about registering all members of a religion before?). Watch Fox News Cable and you would have to believe that we should be loading up on ammo and staying behind locked doors.

For years now the French have been the butt of jokes about their lack of willingness to fight, simply because they refused to join the war in Iraq since there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. They were the first Western power to bomb Syria and their response to their own “9/11” recently shows an admirable courage, while American politicians and citizens are cowering behind closed doors. On the other hand, our response is cowardly, immoral, and is surrendering to ISIL. Refusing desperate refugees out of fear is giving the terrorists exactly what they want: a citizenry full of fear and acting irrationally.

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