Which Clinton?

If I were Hillary …

If I were Hillary I would stop the pandering to various fractions of voter blocks in the hopes of garnishing an argument that Liberals support her, but that’s not the point of this blog. The challenge from Trump to attack her indirectly through attacking Bill Clinton is in whether or not she can find a way in the general election to turn Trump’s attacks against himself. It’s looking like Trump may be the GOP nominee, and that is a frightening thought for the country. Trump is denigrated as a caricature, a carnival barker, a demagogue … all of which are true, but history is replete with characters like this who later proved to be very dangerous when in power. So how should Hillary respond to the attacks on Bill? Back down and stop pointing out the misogyny of Trump? No.

If I were Hillary I might respond something like this: “The problems in my marriage have been well publicized, even though that publicity often failed to appreciate the personal pain of our family. The real story of my relationship with Bill is that we do love each other despite our problems and we have kept our promise and commitment to marriage. So if there is a lesson in this campaign to be learned from Bill and I, it is that we rise above our pain and keep our commitments. Who do you want as President? Someone who can rise above self-concern and work through problems, no matter how difficult, or someone who jumps from marriage to marriage whenever the whim hits him because to him women are just an ornament to make him look good?”

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