“George Trump”

The apparent vogue in the media lately is to point out the similarities between the campaigns of George Wallace and Donald Trump. I have to admit, the similarities are remarkable. History does repeat itself with only slight variations. However, the political formula has long existed for men like Trump, or even Wallace. Fear is a powerful thing and demagogues have exploited that power for centuries. What seems distressing about the Trump ascendency at first blush is that many of his supporters (maybe as much as 20%) are educated, middle-class people. Education does not inoculate one from fear I guess. Being for Trump is not so much about making anti-establishment sentiment as it is about scapegoating our fears.

I do have to admit a certain glee though, when Trump started “birthing” Cruz. It seemed like Trump is the demon-spawn of the GOP, who subtly encouraged his birthing of President Obama while pretending to above the pond scum. Now he is turning on every Republican candidate, and even the Republican establishment as often as he feels threatened. A rabid dog doesn’t differentiate victims. I also have to admit a certain satisfaction when Trump targets the media covering his campaign during rallies. You remember the proverb of the scorpion who hitched a ride on the back of a frog across a pond? It’s in his nature. Now that he has turned his venom on the GOP, the “establishment” is appalled. Karma is a bitch, eh?


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