Man-Made Disaster

In addition to all of the public health issues from the lead-contaminated water in Flint, we now have evidence that the Snyder Administration deliberately with-held information on the outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in Genesee County related to the water pipe situation. It also appears that the State failed to follow through with an offer by an Ohio expert on the disease for assistance. If this isn’t criminal it should be, and if Snyder doesn’t resign then he should be kicked out of office. “Sign the recall petition before you are poisoned” should be the mantra of recall efforts. Once again the Snyder Administration knew about a critical public health situation and, once again, was criminally negligent. At least four deaths have resulted from the outbreak.

Flint is a public health disaster created by the Snyder Administration, but the most infuriating aspect of the disaster has been the repeated attempts of Snyder appointees to cover up the problems and allow people to be poisoned and die. Is political power so important to these people that they are willing to destroy the lives of an entire community, or is there some aspect of Michigan politics that attracts people with no conscience? I don’t know which answer is true but it is certain that the Snyder Administration is populated with sociopaths. Anyone with a conscience would have never done what they did, let alone take another paycheck from tax payers.

The most frightening aspect of the recent expose on the cover-up of the Legionnaires Disease outbreak is that we don’t know what else Snyder is hiding about problems in Flint or in the rest of the State. That is the real man-made disaster: the Snyder Administration.

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