Common Sense

So Ted Cruz is proposing treating Americans who are Muslims as a violent gang and “patrolling” Muslim neighborhoods. Trump (who has already proposed banning Muslims from entering the U.S, registering and giving ID cards to all Muslim Americans and closing down Mosques) is now proposing constant video surveillance of Muslim Americans. They claim that what happened in Brussels is going to happen here. You know the pattern… generate fear and take away freedoms. Let’s use a little common sense. We are not Brussels and what they are proposing will create a problem where this none.

Wonder why the terrorist from the Paris attacks was able to essentially walk the streets freely in Brussels for so long before he was captured? Wonder why the fifth attacker of the airport is still at large despite the most massive manhunt in their history? One reason is certainly the fact that Muslims in Europe are generally segregated and not assimilated socially or economically. They are treated with suspicion and bias by European societies. In other words, a Muslim in Brussels has no reason to cooperate with authorities. Given a choice, it is apparent that what they do is not so much to hide their fellow Muslim as much as refuse to cooperate with authorities who treat them with hostility simply because they are Muslim.

In the U.S. we would be naïve to think there are not sleeper cells already present. However, even the terrorist couple who went on the rampage in California had to hide their extremism from family members as well as neighbors. They escaped detection because they had to hide, even from their own relatives out of fear of being turned in. Muslim-Americans are integrated and assimilated into our society. They have access to the same opportunities as anyone else. Muslim-Americans are in the military defending our Country in Muslim battle zones in the Middle East. The FBI has arrested numerous terrorists based on tips from Muslim Americans. They are in law enforcement, and they are in the workplace. If there are Muslim “neighborhoods” it is because they choose to live in one, not because they have to.

This is what makes Trump and Cruz so dangerous. They propose treating Americans who are Muslims with hostility. This would create fear and resentments that would undermine the Muslim-American sense of ownership in our society and create militancy where there is none presently. It’s just common sense not to do what they propose, and they are probably intelligent enough to know that. However, as they have proven throughout the campaign, and as their GOP comrades in Congress have shown in general, they put their own political ambitions above the welfare of the Country.        


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