Cruz Missile

Less than a day after his loss in the Indiana primary Ted Cruz abruptly drops out of the GOP contest, even though he had strongly asserted before the primary that he would not drop out even with a loss. What changed his mind? Let’s go conspiracy theory … Before you go off on the Enquirer consider these two facts. First the Enquirer has broken more political scandals in the last 20 years than the New York Times (Hart, Edwards, etc., etc., etc.), so they can’t be discounted based on their track record alone. Second, the computer hacking organization Anonymous was the first organization to point out the link between Rafael Cruz and Oswald.

The day before the primary Cruz went absolutely apoplectic over a National Enquirer report that his father, Rafael, was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald. They published a picture of Rafael allegedly with Oswald passing out propaganda materials in New Orleans, where Oswald certainly was certainly working with the CIA to funnel arms to Cuban counter-revolutionaries. Rafael himself got out of Dodge before any media could get a response. Similarly, Rafael got out of New Orleans shortly after the Kennedy assassination and moved to Canada, where Lucifer was born.

Rafael was known as a Cuban exile and counter-revolutionary in 1962, when he moved to Dallas and later in 1963 to New Orleans. Although the leaders of the anti-Castro movement all say Rafael was never in a leadership position and was in fact a whiny coward, he did travel in the same circles of CIA-Cuban exile community that Oswald did. So, the connection is there, and that connection is a raw nerve for Ted. In typical Trump aplomb, he simply “pointed out” the Enquirer article that just happened to be published that day. It’s no secret that the Enquirer and Trump are joined at the hips, and I guess we could expect a number of Hillary scandals to grace the front pages of the paper soon. In this case, the Enquirer loaded a “Cruz” missile and Donald pushed the button. And man, did he ever push a button.


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