What Does That Mean?

One of the mantras of Donald Trump is that he would treat veterans “the way they deserve to be treated.” What does that mean? It sounds good, but there are no plans, no policies – nothing but a flowery promise. We could look to his own behavior in the past for clues on what he thinks veterans deserve. For example, we know he has sued to have homeless veterans removed from any proximity to his hotels and resorts. We know he demeaned the service of Viet Nam veterans by comparing their experience with his own attempts to avoid STDs. But that was Donald the real estate magnate. What would the “presidential” Trump do?

We know that the “presidential” Trump demeaned the heroism of John McCain, and every other POW. He did have a relationship with a man who ran fraudulent fundraisers for veterans groups, even participating in one fraud on the USS Iowa. Then there was that fundraiser he ran as an alternative to participating in one of the GOP Debates. Remember that one? He claimed that event raised over $6 million for veterans. The funds went into an account controlled by Trump, rather than an independent account. As of this date less than $3 million has been distributed to veterans groups and the rest is unaccounted for.

Maybe nothing fraudulent has happened other than yet another wildly exaggerated successful Trump venture, but a pattern is emerging. Trump University promised that students would be wildly successful, but despite taking a lot of money from students, the promise was never realized and Trump University is being sued by numerous students alleging fraud. (By the way, they even confiscated the tuition and distributed the business contacts of a student who was a veteran while he was deployed.)

Apparently the crowds love it when Trump promises to “make America great again.” They believe him when he says he will create more jobs “than God” and that he will renegotiate trade deals so that we will win so much that “we will get tired of winning.” Maybe it’s a good idea to ask what those promises mean as well. More jobs? Maybe, but we already know he believes that American workers are “paid too much.” How would you like an opportunity to get a new job working for Trump? Trade deals? How about a trade war to raise unemployment to 10 percent or cause the cost of goods to double or triple?

Many pundits claim that Trump is successful because he is not a politician and doesn’t talk like a politician. He may not talk like a politician, but it seems to me that he makes the same promises as every other politician yet is somehow more believable because he is not a politician.

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