Thoughts on Orlando…

I can’t imagine the terror of the men and women in that club as they scrambled to save their lives, or of their families as they desperately await news of their child’s fate. It makes me feel want to hold my own children a little closer.

Another mass shooting… another hate crime directed at Gay community… another assault weapon used for maximum damage… just another day in the USA???

How does a man on a “watch list” for terrorism legally get an assault weapon and handgun? Thank you NRA.

Trump takes a victory lap and congratulates himself over the bodies of 49 murdered people, then renews call to ban Muslims – from being born in USA to live in the USA?

My first thought when I heard of mass murder at Gay nightclub – another Christian extremist? “GOD HATES FAGS” is mantra of Westboro Baptists and we all know what Leviticus has to say about punishing Gays. Hate is not a uniquely Muslim tenet. Neither is compassion among many Christians and Muslims in the Orlando community.

Ironic that Trump condemns “radical Islam” for killing 49 people – people who he would deny the right to exist with the same Constitutional rights as other Americans…

The response of the community in Orlando is far better than that of politicians and media… the community was supportive (a line to donate blood was over 1 mile long in the 90 degree weather, while local restaurants donated food and water to people), and defiant (will focus on unity and love rather than fear and hatred.) Media with the usual fear mongering, Republicans (and a few Dems) with the hate and fear.

Conservatives poke fun at “political correctness”, but if we were less tolerant of hate speech then the Orlando killer would have been recognized for what he was a lot sooner.

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