Tin Foil Hats and Mexican Squirrels

It’s staggering. A few days ago I wrote about my confusion over how Trump can garner so many votes, how so many Americans can ignore reality and be pulled into the orbit of fear and hatred. In the past week Trump has said or implied the following:

  • The Orlando shooter was from Afghanistan
  • We should not only ban all Muslims, we should also monitor all US mosques
  • The USA will be “completely wiped out” by terrorists (“nothing will be left”)
  • US soldiers stole money in Iraq (thank God they weren’t tortured as POWs – then they would really be in trouble with Trump)
  • The US nuclear arsenal is tired, old while the Russian nuclear arsenal he hears (from the voices in his head no doubt) is “tippy-top”
  • The President is secretly in league with ISIS

Trump is arguably either psychiatrically disturbed or evil, but who could argue that he was not too dangerous a person to be entrusted with the Presidency? But again, I return to the enigma that even with this obvious decompensation, Trump supporters will ignore the reality of what he says and does, and support him. Give it another week and they will be passing out tin foil hats at Trump rallies while he rails about Mexican Squirrels with knives stealing all the nuts in his forest…


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