Melania Speaks

After a day of hearing “Chachi” speak for the first time since “Happy Days” was cancelled, the bitter anger of a mother who lost her son in Libya and a sitting US Senator tell America that she knows that ISIS has people in all 50 States… After a day in which the “law and order” party violated its own rules causing a walk out of some delegates, we had the real drama.

The highlight of the first night of the GOP Convention and Melania speaks. She’s the current wife of the champion of family values and his idea of the kind of immigrant he wants in the USA. In a speech drawn from the extensive library of plagiarized materials at Trump Institute, she channeled Michele Obama with impeccable hair and Slovenian accent.

One could almost feel badly for her, who by all accounts is a decent person, intelligent and a good mother, now exposed to national humiliation. Except that there is a price to pay for being the latest narcissistic ornament of a truly disturbed man. Maybe she didn’t sign up for political conventions, but she could have said “no”. Maybe she should review the United Nations’ criteria for human trafficking: unable to refuse jobs/never allowed free time, unable to speak for yourself, isolated and unable to be in public alone…

I can hardly wait for the next Trump ornament… I mean family member… to speak. And we will hear from all of them. Or not. It’s sad really to see this kind of exploitation. One has to wonder that if he subjects his own family to such humiliation and exploitation, what he will do for the Country.

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